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Car seat expiration dates?

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GentlyDoesIt Sat 01-Aug-09 19:59:21

I have just asked a friend to return my travel system, which she has had for her baby's first year, as my next baby is due in 3 weeks. She told me this was fine; she hadn't used it anyway, as the car seat was too old and the plastic may have expired. It was bought in 2003 from Mothercare.

I can only find very limited information about this, and the Rospa website makes no mention of it, although it does say that you shouldn't buy second-hand from strangers due to invisible damage from previous crashes (which I knew).

I understand the previous crashes advice, but I know this carseat hasn't been in any. It's also been in storage for 4 out of the last 6 years, so not sitting in a hot car (which seems to be the only argument for expiring plastic).

Can anyone tell me where to find the expiration date on the car seat? Have looked all over mine.

I hope this isn't true, as I will be looking for a new travel system 3 poxy weeks before the birth and I rather like the one I have!

The cynic in me is saying that this is yet another spookfest designed to cheat parents out of money and tbh I'm inclined to continue thinking this until I can find some evidence that doesn't come from a car seat manufacturer.

paranoidmother Sat 01-Aug-09 21:15:02

Hi we got DD a travel system 4.5 years ago and used it again when ds cam along 3 years ago and then a friend had and is using it now. As far as I understand it's only if it's been in an accident, plastic takes a lot longer to expire I think.

GentlyDoesIt Sat 01-Aug-09 21:19:21

Thank you, that's reassuring.

Just seen that someone else has started a thread on this same subject today! The bongo drums must be souding around the country...

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