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Pram advice please Mama and Papas Skate or not

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timmette Fri 31-Jul-09 18:38:23

Expecting ds2 in Dec and have been looking at prams and am totally lost and shocked at the prices.
We do not want a Quinny Buzz again - wasn't for us.
So what do we need, we live in a city and do a lot of pavement walking, it needs to collapse easily and not weigh a ton, size not so important as have big boot. I am short and dh a giant so we need something that is ok for both of us. Also need on that can attach a car seat and I guess we will need a carrycot.
I will be buying second hand most likely on ebay.
So anyway I quite like the look of the Mama and Papas Skate - but please give me other ideas and ideas as there are too many to choose from.

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