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Televisions. Help please!

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Flgihtattendant Thu 30-Jul-09 17:01:41

Well, have just given away our old CRT tv which was HUGE and heavy, looked hideous and took up half the room. I did this as I'd bought a nice little flat screen jobby which I thought would be great - however, it's not.

The picture looks all kind of fuzzy - is this usual with flat screens? It's only a 19" and probably not the highest definition, (not even sure how you get 'HD' but we haven't got it) and although it has built in freeview, the picture is much poorer than the old CRT sad

Anyway - don't know where to go from here. I'm not bothered about size. What I really want is something reliable, that shows a really clear picture, not a kind of fuzzy double-outlined type image. I went and looked in Currys and all the flat screens (the small ones anyway) had this double outlined effect to some degree. So I guess it is a CRT, second hand one for us.

Does anyone know a way around the problem? Can't afford a huge flat screen btw. And have got another CRT but it keeps saying no signal and when I plug in the freeview box, nothing happens?

<bangs head against wall>


Flgihtattendant Thu 30-Jul-09 17:02:51

Oh and the flat screen I got is going back so am starting from scratch now...apart from the one that doesn't work...

raffyandted Fri 31-Jul-09 22:23:21

No, there's definitely something not right, you should get a much clearer picture than this. We have a 19 inch Sony LCD flat screen which has a great picture, slightly better even than our Panasonic 32 inch, so the screen size shouldn't be the issue. There does appear to be a lot of difference in quality between makes though, my dad had a 23 inch LCD Sharp that had a vile picture & distorted sound. Took it back & got him the same Sony we had & he's over the moon with it..what make is it?

It sounds like it could be the way you have got it set up. Is it connected to an outside aerial? Do you have a VCR or DVD recorder that you have forgotten to connect to it?

Don't give up on LCD flat screens, they do have great pictures and you'd be suprised at some of the prices...a lot of the small ones cost the same or more than a 32 inch. Ours were both Which? Best Buys and they've been great. If you're not a which member I could look up their best buy flat screen TVs and let you know which to go for. Also check out Richer Sounds if you are near a branch (or online) they have good TV deals. Got our little Sony from there, £169.

raffyandted Fri 31-Jul-09 22:29:39

Meant to say also if DH was home I'd ask him as he's good at sorting out connection/fuzzy picture problems for most of my family! He'd probably know why your CRT is saying no signal as well, but he's on a night out so no help till tomorrow I'm afraid.

Flgihtattendant Sat 01-Aug-09 08:25:58

Oh BRILLIANT Raffy&Ted, I am so grateful smile

Yes it was funnily enough a Sharp 19". I tried it again but still wasn't very good. So it's gone back now.

We've managed to plug in freeview to the Loewe and t's now working - but not a v clear picture - however I'm going to move it into the living room where the old one was and hope it might improve.

Our flat is at the bottom of a huge house so aerial very old and knackered I think smile

I'm watching a little CRT sony on ebay which I might get cheaply, so will see if that's any better. I'm really relieved to know not all flat screens are rubbish - maybe that's why it was reduced.

Thanks again! If your DH knows why something would work less well in a different room I'd be interested.

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