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Loola (Up) and Streety compatibility question... Also opinions on Streety please!

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BertieBotts Wed 29-Jul-09 12:49:38

I have read that the Windoo (ie Loola/Up compatible) carrycot fits onto the Streety frame. Logically it follows that the Streety seat unit ought to fit onto the Loola Up chassis. Does anyone know whether it does?

I love my Loola Up, it does everything I want, but it's quite heavy when folded and impossible to fold one-handed. So I was looking at the Streety as it's much lighter and supposed to be easy to fold, but it seems to have rubbish reviews, like it suddenly collapses if you try to push it one-handed because the release is in the centre of the handle. Also that it feels cheap and flimsy.

Basically I am after a lighter rearfacing buggy, with a decent recline (ie more than 45 degrees). DS is 9.5mo and I will probably have another baby at some point. We haven't got the budget for a Bugaboo/Quinny etc type. It also needs to fold in one piece.

Oh and lastly, any opinions on the Streety car seat?

sazm Wed 29-Jul-09 13:16:33

i know that the streety carrycot fits on the loola up frame,so the seat unit should,but i think the seat unit on the loola up/streety is much the same,its the frame thats the difference,
i nearly bought the streety but since seeing one in a shop im glad i didnt,VERY flimsy and basic looking,
i've got the loola up put aside at my local baby shop as i loved it,
the loola up is a much better buggy i think,i wouldn't use the windoo though i would use the streety carrycot with it as
its much more neat and compact,

as for the carseat, it's made by maxi-cosi so i would expect it to be a good one,

if i were you i would keep the loola,you can buy adapters to put a maxi-cosi seat on the loola frame,and you can get a carrycot cheap on ebay if you have another baby,

Amy75 Thu 20-Aug-09 20:49:51

I have the streety and it is very light. We bought it for the lightweight ability and because it folds v small. I haven't had any problems with the frame collapsing but it is difficult to push with one hand. If you are tall you may find your feet kick the basket underneath - which happens with me at times. My baby loves the carrycot and is also now using the pushchair part (she is 3.5 months).

Unfortunately I am having to have the rear wheels replaced because they have worn unevenly - shop has advised the models made betwen Nov 08 and Feb 09 have this problem.

I have the car seat, which isn't maxi cosi- too heavy for my liking, and it is very light and works well. You will need to use a head support for a newborn though - I used the one from baby's bouncer chair.

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