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Bugaboo Transport Bags

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scattykatty Mon 27-Jul-09 20:05:06

Has anyone had a Bugaboo wheeled transport bag? Does it fold down smaller for storage?

I've seen a local ish advert for a new one and they said it comes in a huge box so the postage will be massive but I thought as it was empty it would fold in on it's self and not actually come in that big a box....anyone had one from new that could tell me?

If it really does come in a box bigger than could be delivered by Royal Mail then I think it would just be cheaper for me to get a new one from John Lewis with free P&P...


suwoo Mon 27-Jul-09 20:09:37

I've got one and I don't think it goes any smaller, its in the loft as is- so am guessing not. If it were me, I would ask for it to be wrapped in bin bags and use a cheap courier. It shouldn't be damnaged in transit as that is the whole point of using it on a plane.

How much are they asking?

scattykatty Mon 27-Jul-09 20:35:07

They want £25 P&P and they say it comes in the orginal box, never used so I really need to know just how big the box they come in is so I can see just how unreasonalbe that quote is!

suwoo Mon 27-Jul-09 21:32:11

It does fold, there is a pic here. The best courier is parcel2go. If you get the measurements you will be able to get a quote. They start at £6.89. I have had a quick google, but not for the folded measurements.


scattykatty Mon 27-Jul-09 22:16:33

Now that is reasonable P&P! I'm glad it folds down too, otherwise it would take up a LOT of room... I only need it for when we move house so chassis no.2 doesn't get any scratches (OCD DH says!)

suwoo Mon 27-Jul-09 22:19:51

Where do you live? you could borrow mine, I'm in Manchester.

scattykatty Mon 27-Jul-09 22:29:04

I'm in Swindon ish but we're gonna be moving back to Germany with the army, hopefully at the start of next year --tax free shopping Heaven..yum-- Thanks for the offer though grin

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