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*DANGEROUS* Fisher Price Link-a-Doos Infant to Toddler Chair

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browny Mon 27-Jul-09 11:42:30

I wanted to warn you all about this product. My dd3 is eight months old and she tipped over and banged her head on Saturday, she is o.k. but it gave her a horrible shock and she cried real tears for the first time in her life sad.

I feel it is a bad design, there is only a three point harness and when is sitting in it (and they weigh enough) they can tip it over, simply by leaning forward. My dd3 hasn't been able to sit forward in the chair, but on Saturday she did and then this happened sad.

I have contacted Boots (where I bought it), Trading Standards and Mattel (Fisher Price's mother company). All Mattel said was to send it back for a refund angry, when I said I felt the product should be recalled, I was told that all products were tested for safety before being sold to the public.

After speaking to Trading Standards, they advised me to keep hold of the chair as evidence and not to send it back. I'd hate any more babies to be hurt and would like this chair recalled as soon as possible.

browny Mon 27-Jul-09 11:43:34

This is it:

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 27-Jul-09 11:45:29

I have this it is great, both my DC's have loved it, if you are worried put the stand up which is what I did if I ever left them and used it as a rocker when I was in the room.

Divvy Mon 27-Jul-09 11:49:35

Sorry this has happened but they are covered, by saying not to be left unattended in it. They also say once sitting do not use.

littlelamb Mon 27-Jul-09 11:52:11

I had the same problem with this chair from Mothercare. I was shocked by how low the harness is, it literally scrapes the thighs of any baby who sits in it. I took it back before my ds could hurt himself, but also sent emails sayign it should be recalled. It's still on sale hmm even after the manager I spoke to agreed it was dangerous.

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 27-Jul-09 11:52:47

How do they make it suitable for a sitting child? I thought it was standard to stop using rockers and swings etc once they could sit and lean forward as they can tip them? Is there a way to adapt the chair?

FiveGoMadInDorset Mon 27-Jul-09 11:54:18

There is a stand that makes it very stable and non rocking.

browny Mon 27-Jul-09 13:34:37

Yes, there is a flip-out stand, but that is designed for use in 'newborn' mode, so the baby can lie back and play with the toy bar.

My dd3 wasn't left unattended, I was sitting right by her on the sofa, she just dropped her teddy and leant forward to reach it, I was just a second too late to catch her sad. I can't see how would be suitable for a toddler, they could easily tip it over too. I think it's just a very dangerous design.

horsemadgal Mon 27-Jul-09 14:06:43

I thought they all tip over when child sits up/forward.
I had to stop using mine when DS2 tipped himself out of it at 4 months.

Loshad Mon 27-Jul-09 14:15:14

have to say it looks like a tiny baby's seat to me and not suitable for use once that they can sit up, nor quite sure why you would want to anyway.

PfftTheMagicDragon Mon 27-Jul-09 14:57:15

Well, I would say common sense should tell you it's not suitable for anything other than a non-sitting baby and they should stop using it once they can do so.

HOWEVER, it is clearly sold as a baby-to-toddler chair. So it should be suitable for a sitting child.

Daisypod Mon 27-Jul-09 15:37:42

I found it great when my kids got to be toddlers, they have all enjoyed having a seat they can get in and out of on their own and rock a bit. It was a favourite bed time milk drinking vhair for a while

I think nothing made for babies or children is going tobe 100% safe, like everything you need to keep an eye on your child but sometimes these things happen and the child learns from it.

naomi83 Mon 27-Jul-09 18:38:13

we have this and think it's great. we used it till DS was 6 months then put it away till he was 1.5 years old, according to the advice on amazon, mumsnet, etc. At a year and a half he loved it, and was safe to get in and out by himself.

purpleflower Tue 28-Jul-09 09:47:54

I've had this chair for both my DC's. When they started moving around they hated it as they were too restrained. DS fell back in love with it when he was big enough to get in and out of himself and DD is only 10 months so not quite there yet.

I would buy it again as it still lasted longer than my friends bouncers when they DCs were tiny and it will get used again.

It definitely is a baby and toddler chair just not in between lol.

cheekychopsmum Tue 28-Jul-09 15:57:33

I also bought this and took it back the next day as I thought it was unstable. At the time my DS was 7 months and too big for his previous bouncer chair so I wanted something he could sit in and got a longer use of. I put a posting on here highlighting that I thought it was dangerous.

Ended up with a which was brilliant. He could sit in this for months after and never fell out and it has different positions, so could sit upright. Is more expensive, but after seeing the fisher price one and getting that at a cheap price, I wasn't bothered about the price, just safety.

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