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Micralite travel system owners ...I have a question !

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MamanFlo Sun 22-May-05 21:20:36

Hi Mums

I am the proud owner of a micralite travel system and just tried it to go out with my 4 weeks old baby. I think it is actually a better than the pram version as I can see my baby much more and I like the fact that she is tightly attached to the seat.

On the other hand, I fear that the car seat sitting all the time on the micralite seat might damage it as it is putting quie a strain on it (I hope this makes sense...not very good at english tonight !)...what do you think ?

thanks !


Teaandcake Tue 24-May-05 09:41:20

Hi there MamanFlo, did you get the carrycot? If so, you can use the carrycot support bar to support the car seat and fold the canvas seat away into the little bag on the handle bar, the it looks a little tidier.

If you don't have the carrycot you should be able to buy the bar and seat bag as spares (I'm afraid I don't know how much they cost) from your retailer.

I know what you mean about the seat looking a bit over-stretched though.

MamanFlo Tue 24-May-05 22:52:45

Teaandcake : you are a genius ! I have the carry cot. I didn't think about this...but it makes total sense and will keep the seat clean and safe ! if the car seat is sitting securely it will be perfect.

as far as I remember you sell prams and buggies don't you ? I must say I am very happy with the Micralite at the moment : it is really easy to drive and light...better than a bugaboo !

thanks a lot !


Chickyboo Sat 28-May-05 20:22:05

I bought the Micralite travel system just before the carrycot version came out. We the car seat bit until dd was about 4 mths .. she is now 10mths and I don't think it damaged the pushchair seat. Anyway good luck.

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