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Anyone done their dd's hair beading themselves for holidays?

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hercules1 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:41:46

Spent a small fortune last year getting dd's hair done with those beads/threads things on our campsite. THis year I thought I'd be better prepared and buy a kit to do her hair myself.

Anyone able to give me some tips and where I can buy what I need from?


drowninginclutter Sat 25-Jul-09 18:47:58

You can get embroidery threads from any handicraft/wool shop, most of them have a selection of beads as well. I use shearing (sp?) elastic to keep the ends together - it's a really fine elastic almost looks like thread.

The wraps do look lovely but it's loads quicker and easier to just plait in wool if she wants quite a lot done. Fold a length of wool in half, use that as 2 strands for plaiting and the hair as the third strand.

I have a pic on my profile with mine done smile

hercules1 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:48:38


hercules1 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:49:28

ooo I like yours. You've tempted me to do my own too!

hercules1 Sat 25-Jul-09 18:50:04

When you say to keep the ends together do you mean like a hairband?

drowninginclutter Sat 25-Jul-09 19:26:32

Yes, you tie it round (a few times so it doesn't come undone) then trim the ends. You can get the elastic in different colours so you can normally find something that matches the wool you're using. I'd use embroidery threads if you're just doing a few wraps as they're much smaller and neater but wool is fine if you're just plaiting in.

It does take a while to do a full head though, depending how old your DD is she might only have the patience to sit for a few!

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