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Ford Focus

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weddingcake Sat 25-Jul-09 13:14:23

These seem to be highly recommended by Mumsnetters so am just having a look on the net to see if they're within our budget.

Can anyone tell me the difference between all the models and which one I need for 2 car seats - space for me to sit in the middle in the back should I ned to entertain DC on a long journey and room for a Phil and Teds in the boot.

Many Thanks!

(Or any other cars that fit this spec!)

Ledodgy Sat 25-Jul-09 13:55:39

You need a ford focus estate. It is a squeeze in the middle with 2 carseats though.

Daisypod Sat 25-Jul-09 14:07:58

The Ghia models are the ones with all the trimmings, usually air con more display features, the Zetec is the middle range one and I cannot remember what the basic spec one is called.
We had a focus and loved it but we could not get three car seats across the back so had to change to a Galaxy. DH still (18 months later) poits out focus's when he sees them and remarks about how much he misses it. Men!

If you are lookign at new though the models names have changed, you can see all the details on the Ford website.


Heated Sat 25-Jul-09 15:10:55

You could also look at used Mondeos which are the bigger car, especially on boot space, but are priced similarly. It's a narrow squeeze to sit a third in the middle, but it depends very much on the width of childseats. LX is the basic model, zetec mid range and ghia top of the range.

motorhouse and trade-sales are usually at the cheaper end of the car supermarkets.

TeamEdward Sat 25-Jul-09 15:14:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alittlebitshy Wed 29-Jul-09 15:24:46

we have the estate. it is fab (boot space is better than other more unwieldy estates we have had). however as has been said, you can't get an extra person in the back between seats (we have a second stage seat and a high back booster but couldn't even when ds was in his infant seat. You can in the C max I think. and for sure in an s max.

sazm Wed 29-Jul-09 16:35:15

you would be lucky to get 2 baby seats and yourself (unless you r a size 6-8) in the back seat of a focus,theres not actually that much leg room in them,
we had an estate for a while,the boot space was great but there wasn't enough room for a rearfacing seat behind my seat when i was driving (im 5ft7)
maybe a c-max/s-max or mondeo would be better?

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