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Pram Huns, please help me, my ridiculous three year old has broken the baby's pushchair so I'm going to have to buy a new one. And i don't know anything any more <wail>

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AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:40:35


i would just buy another nomad as it has served me awfully well, but dd2 is a total plaster and i'm sure would prefer a front-facing.

so, cheap front-facings that aren't naff? can anyone help? or is it possible to buy these things second-hand and not get totally ripped off?

thanks, crazy pram ladies. grin <waves to misdee and skg>

artichokes Fri 24-Jul-09 20:47:21

I am not a pram Hun but just wondered why you don't just go for a trusty, hard-waring old MacLaren. I have had the a-list of prams (Bugaboo and Phil & Teds) yet I love my MacLaren mostest.

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:49:43

i have a very elderly maclaren, actually, dd really doesn't like it. that's one of the reasons why i was thinking front-facing.
and lol at not a pram hun but then the a-list... wink

littleducks Fri 24-Jul-09 20:50:20

I'd say Maclaren too unless you really need air tyres for long country walks

littleducks Fri 24-Jul-09 20:51:40

you want facing you?

shonaspurtle Fri 24-Jul-09 20:53:03

Do you mean rear facing Aitch?

I have a M&P Ultima(?) 3 in one thingy sitting on top of my wardrobe that you would be welcome to borrow. Is pretty heavy though and a not-particularly-fetching Boston check (I blame my mother)

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:53:18

lol, see? that's not even front-facing, is it? i want a rear-facing. i don't even know the lingo... they were all front-facing in my day, i got confused... <slaps head> [elderly]

largeginandtonic Fri 24-Jul-09 20:53:58

I don't say 'hun' but most defiantely fall in to 'buggy crazy' category. I make no excuses other than i have 7 children wink grin

I would say a First wheels city elite, Hauck infinity or Bebeconfort streety.

Picked carefully on ebay you can get an absolute bargain.

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:55:16

that's very kind, shona, thanks. but i have a list of requirements and continuous single handle (is that the right phrase?) is one of them.

you know of course that i am attracted to the bugaboo bee... [twat]

5inthebed Fri 24-Jul-09 20:55:21

What's your preference/budget?

Air tyres? Three/four wheels? How old is DD2?

Come on! Us pram huns can't go off on a tangent about the best prams unless we have some info on what you want wink

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:57:58

cheers, will have a look, lgandt.

i would consider just getting a replacement seat for my nomad (she's broken the sodding seat in half) but it seems to cost £195 for a new livery and what is the point of that? no second-hand nomads about that i can see on ebay, at least not sold for scrap which is really what i want. any ideas on that score?

shonaspurtle Fri 24-Jul-09 20:58:32

It does have a continuous single handle but is no bugaboo, alas.

Damn, damn, damn will never get that thing out of here wink

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 20:59:20

continuous handle
no fripperies and extras, she's nearly a year old.
and, er, cool.

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 21:01:06

oh it does, does it? <interested> <remembers it's boston check>

have you been to the new k'grove cafe yet? it's lush. and tables outside just at the new swingpark so you can distance parent with a coffee and a book.

growingout Fri 24-Jul-09 21:01:23

Message withdrawn

shonaspurtle Fri 24-Jul-09 21:04:28

Oh yes. They have good cakes. Keep an eye out for me - we're in what ds calls the far park (not sure why, I suppose it's further away than the play area with the train) a lot.

I'll be the one with the 2 year old in the wet shorts <potty training angst>

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 21:06:40

yes yes growingout... anything to add about actual BUGGIES? <taps fingers> grin [despairing]

aw, the far park. it's 'ella's park' round our way. all our parks are named after someone else. apart from the 'tanics. can't mess with the 'tanics.

growingout Fri 24-Jul-09 21:18:16

Message withdrawn

differentID Fri 24-Jul-09 21:20:27

Aitch, what about the Loola Up?

FlyMeToDunoon Fri 24-Jul-09 21:29:16

Streety is not recommended. It is flimsy apparently.
Loola up is more poular with the pushchair shed membership because of the single handle and is on offer in some places atm because the design has been changed [or someting]
I have a Hauck Infinity and like it a lot.
Or there is the First Wheels City Elite.
Both very similar style- like a bugaboo cam.
Cool would be the Mutsy 4 Rider or someone on ads was selling a Maxi Cosi Mura 3 or 4 can't quite remember.

CarGirl Fri 24-Jul-09 21:33:26

Loola not good for older dc, too heavy.

Hmmm can you give me your postcode then I could go browse on ebay for you?

what's your budget because cool=£££££££ I could probably get you a great rear facer cheaply that ticks all the boxes apart from swanky IYSWIM.

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 21:50:12

i'm in g1

CarGirl Fri 24-Jul-09 21:58:09

won't let me do it on partial postcode. go into ebay, site map at the top right, click onto baby, then pushchairs & prams, then sort into nearest first.

See what there is that is rear facing and post a few links here grin

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 22:00:30

let's say i'm g2 9pu then, i mean i'm not, obv, but i'll travel anyway. sorry for abrupt last email, dd2 wanted somethign to eat. am not covered in peanut butter.

AitchTwoOh Fri 24-Jul-09 22:01:01

pounds-wise, i suppose £150 ish.

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