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blooming marvelous discount codes?

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bea Sun 22-May-05 11:34:43

anyone know do they exist??


hunkermunker Sun 22-May-05 12:07:24

They do - I posted a thread the other day asking for one and didn't get a reply - I don't think - will check thread again now!

hunkermunker Sun 22-May-05 12:07:50

Nope, no replies

munz Sun 22-May-05 12:09:22


they have discount codes for every (and I mean every) shop known to man - high street shops that is that u can buy online from.

hunkermunker Sun 22-May-05 12:50:29

Not BM though

bea Sun 22-May-05 20:17:40

oh dear!!!... i might have to pay full price then... FULL PRICE?? eek!!!

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