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Mattress for Arms Reach Co-Sleeper Cot

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PrincessButtercup Fri 24-Jul-09 11:04:43

I bought the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper a while ago, in anticipation of DC3 being born any time now.

I've finally got around to putting it together and, whilst I'm very happy with the concept (no need to heave myself out of bed at 3 am!) and the quality, I'm a bit concerned about the very flat, inflexible travel-cot type mattress. If my baby is going to be sleeping in this every night for the next year at least, I'd prefer something more forgiving and comfortable. I'm also paranoid about the effect it could have on baby's head shape if sleeping on his back.

Has anyone customised their Arms Reach with a more comfortable mattress, or even a Sleepcurve mattress? The dimensions don't appear to be particularly helpful (94x65cm) but I haven't done extensive research into this.

Another option might be to use a Goi Goi pillow but I'm nervous about using one of these long term...

Or perhaps I am just being too precious?? Unfortunately the lovely Arms Reach distributor is on holiday until next week so haven't been able to talk to her.

PrincessButtercup Fri 24-Jul-09 11:07:16

Oops, sorry - did not mean to post this 3 times!

KAIRD Fri 14-Aug-09 22:24:44

Princessbuttercup, did you get an answer from the retailer about this? I'm looking to buy an armsreach crib so would be interested in what you decide to do.

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