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Great portable high chair!

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scrum Sat 21-May-05 21:32:18

I'd been looking for a booster seat for my 2 yr old son, and having been put off by the 'cube-shaped' variety by my sisters which was really wobbly, I was going to buy a Handysitt. After going in to a baby equipment shop and asking them to order one, they said they stocked the 'Lintaf Hang n Seat', which was exactly the same design as the Handysitt but in plastic and only £26 instead of nearly £50! I bought one and it's fantastic, my son loves sitting to the table with us and as the seat is plastic and has a non-slip surface there's no need for a cushion! The arms which hook on to the back of the seat keep it really steady too, no wobble! I can highly recommend!! Hope this is helpful, particularly if you don't want to fork out £50 for a booster seat that you might not need to use for more than a year!!

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