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huggies nappies, a big box with coupons, winnie the pooh toy box- bought from asda baby event back in jan for £15.. but in dilemma now!- how many nappies are in there?!

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sammysamsam Wed 22-Jul-09 18:42:34

in a bit of a twiddle.
it's a daft call for helpblush...

i buy things in bulk and then chuck em in the loft for later use- especially nappies, as i'd hate to find that i've run out one day whilst in the middle of a nappy change(!)

to cut a long story short- i bought for £15, a Huggies Super-Dry nappy box in sz.3 (triple pack) which contained a Winnie the Pooh toybox (turned out to be a cardboard box with WTP scenery printed all over hmm) think it had a pack of wipes, and about £8 worth of money off coupons for huggies, kleenex and andrex etc..

anyways, just found the size 3 box in t'loft, and my dd is already well into size 4's! so i've got this big box and no use for it- my friend has offered to buy it off of me but i'm not sure how many nappies are in the packs.. i chucked the outer packaging of the box away ages ago (this must've had the quantity written on it) and the triple packs of nappies were being stored in the WTP toy box thing.

The nappies are packaged in all an all-white plastic which only says 'huggies' the size (3) and the weight range on it. NOWHERE does it mention the quantity of nappies the each of the 3 pack contain..

does anybody recall- or have any idea?

i called asda who were lovely but couldn't help (still had receipt! b/c 502905458807) and kimberly-clark (makers)who were pretty useless ..

My friend has offered to take them off my hands- so I'm gonna sell these to her at either £15 for the lot or sell it as a per nappy thing- whatever is CHEAPER (cos lots of offers on at mo) hence to find out how many nappies in the box!

can anyone help?!

another idea was to weigh my pack and then if someone has a size 3 nappy laying about and can weigh it on digital scales, i can work out how many nappies are in mine!

-or if you could weigh a pack of nappies and state the weight of the pack and quantity of nappies it contains, then i can work it out!

<<off to get scale to weigh one of the 3 packs of size 3 nappies>>

one pack weighs 1210g.........1.21kg...

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 22-Jul-09 18:49:56

you're a loon, a nice loon but a loon none the less, just decide on a price, £15 would be fair and then sort it out. I think when it comes to weighing nappies on digital scales, one could have too much time on one's hands wink

Hangingbellyofbabylon Wed 22-Jul-09 18:50:49

or alternatively... open a pack and count them.

or just give them to your friend as a random act of kindness.

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