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Bugaboo confusion - please help!!

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queenie1 Wed 22-Jul-09 14:41:04

My mum has very kindly offered to buy a pram/prametter type buggy and we've narrowed it down to two choices - the Bugaboo Cameleon or the Bugaboo Bee. Wondering whether you had experience of either and what you would recommend.

I like the Bugaboos as they are so light and compact - something which is important as our house is small. I'll be using the buggy a lot as although we do have a car we can walk in and out of town, to shops etc. There are some more rural areas around us which I'd like to be able to use the buggy on but the terrain is not that rough. And I guess for proper country walks we would use baby carriers...?

But which one? The price of the Bee is obviously more attractive and I really like the compactness of it. But is the pram / carry cot of the Cameleon really useful? Our baby is due in November so I wonder if it will be warmer for them?

CarGirl Wed 22-Jul-09 14:46:54

for in and out the car alot or public transport you want the Bee.

The cam is a pain to store in your house as it folds away in 2 seperate parts but the carrycot bit is useful for a young baby, it's also more suited to rougher terrain walks than the bee.

bitofadramaqueen Thu 23-Jul-09 20:38:26

We have the bugaboo bee and I love it. It is nice and compact so quite easy to use in shops etc. I don't think it would be great on really rough terrain, but I've found ours fine on local country paths.

I've got a few friends with the Cameleon and they find it a bit big and heavy.

I can't remember what it's called now, but the newborn insert (as opposed to the footmuff, which we use now) for the bee was absolutely fine in the winter and DS was as snug as a bug.

Tiddd Mon 27-Jul-09 18:19:11

We had the same dilema, we ordered the bee and then a friend kindly gave us their Cameleon for a very cheap price so thats what we have got.

My husband is 6f4 so unsuprisingly 4 months in our son is in the top 90 percentile and would not have lasted very long in the bee as it is quite small in comparison.

naomi83 Mon 27-Jul-09 18:44:50

have you checked out something like the britax vigour? You can get the same wheel style as the cam but for half the price and it folds to take up less space in your home. With the money you save you can buy a Maclaren Quest for the car and still have leftover money to spend on the baby.

MakkaPakkasWilly Mon 27-Jul-09 19:12:43

I had a cam, loved it for about 4 months until I got sick to death of the weight of it, the folding, the sheer bloody size of it, and am now a very happy owner of a Maclaren XLR. Needed an estate car just to fit it in.

Maclaren now the only one I'd recommend unless you are mad keen on hillwalking etc.

scattykatty Mon 27-Jul-09 19:33:35

OOOOh snap, I have the Cameleleon and the XLR, latter is a lot easier, I use it 90% of the time as I just can't be bothered with the folding and size of the Bugaboo.

If I'm totally honest I got the Bugaboo as my PIL said they would buy us what ever we wanted, I don't think I would have spend £1000 of my own money on the whole set it, but I bought the XLR with my own money and love it!

SarfEast Mon 27-Jul-09 19:35:29

My DD is 22 months and her + cameleon = bloddy heavy. We live in london so mostly spend time on and off trains and walking so ideal for us (apart from lugging it up and down stairs), and I also like the way she gets a good sleep in it. It was sturdy and tank like when she was tiny in the winter too. We have a small flat so we park it in the front room next to the sofa - have only folded it to go in a hire car. The two year warranty has been good as the chassis broke and John Lewis have been very good getting us a replacement front wheel. It has been used to death though and has stood up pretty well. I like her facing me too blush Most of the fabric parts are washable too which is good when they start snacking constantly.

pramsgalore4 Wed 05-Aug-09 17:05:05

Hi, i have had both, the cam is large when folded, when my little boy could reach he would put the brake on all the time and the height is not good for a toddler past 2, the bee dont waste your money loads of problems with them, my back wheel fell apart after using it about 10 times, got refund, i would not buy bugaboo ever again, much better pushchairs out there, i am going to get the teutonia spirit s3

EyeballsintheSky Wed 05-Aug-09 17:10:35

I bought a Bee fairly late on, DD was 13 months at the time. She is now 19 months and fits fine with loads of space still. She loves sleeping in it and is very cosy. I sold my one last week and bought a brand new replacement almost straight away blush because I really missed it and I'm convinced now when I get round to having dc2, that I would use it from birth, hence buying a brand new one. It's light, compact, good basket, different handle heights and turns on a halfpenny. If I had had a Bee from the start I wouldn't have gone through all the other prams I've had, including the huge (but lovely) travel system that is hogging my dining room space at the moment.

Don't know anything about the Cameleon, other than it looks downright fugly and doesn't fold in one piece. Not for me.

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