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Pushchair Thread Part 3! Is there anyone who doesn't have a bugaboo?

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claret1980 Wed 22-Jul-09 14:33:34

Thought I would start one off!

Where are you all?

lillypie Wed 22-Jul-09 14:36:11

Hello grin I am off to work but thought I would check in first.

buggylovinmummy Wed 22-Jul-09 15:15:35

Its very quiet on here

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 22-Jul-09 15:18:03

i dont have one! Getting a ziko tomorrow and someone is meant to be collecting twin mac sometime today.

scattykatty Wed 22-Jul-09 15:18:43

Hahhaah I do have a Cameleon but I do think they are over rated. Even the Vibe with doubles kit on folds quicker!

Disenchanted3 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:19:50

I <heart> my cam grin

claret1980 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:29:23

I don't have one either but I thought it was a catchy enough title. There is loads of bug stuff on the buy/sell thread.

I have had 2 zikos and really loved them. I just always fancied something else.

I am keeping the Zapp now for taking away to Legoland. That reminds me, I will have to put the stickers on it.

How many Bugs have you had Dis?

claret1980 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:31:53

Just won a zapp travel bag for 99p! Total bargain.

scattykatty Wed 22-Jul-09 15:35:24

Oh I need a travel bag! What colour did you get? I'm still waiting to hear back from jiggly about one

Disenchanted3 Wed 22-Jul-09 15:46:36

erm about 9?!

Knickers0nMaHead Wed 22-Jul-09 16:18:15

grin dis!

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 22-Jul-09 16:38:37

Hello all.
Never had a Bugaboo and reckon it's too late now to try. sad
However I did get the Snunkie handle bar cover for my Infinity today and after I had struggled for a while to get it zipped on it looks fab.

JigglyPiggy Wed 22-Jul-09 16:51:10

hello eveyone - why is it so quiet on here is it cus of the school hols?

skatty did you not get my emails? my yahoo account is doing my head in! Ive listed the zapp stuff on ebay and some bugg*r has hit buy it now on the basket but had no payment, travel bag is still available.

Ive had another auction end about two weeks ago now and the buyer still has'nt sorted collection. what do you do?

dis - are you selling the cam off already? Ive been looking at them blush not sure i like the quilting in the frog carrycot but then again dont know if i want a cam either!

Disenchanted3 Wed 22-Jul-09 16:55:29

not selling cam! Just frame, Ive bought a 2008 one instead

JigglyPiggy Wed 22-Jul-09 17:05:15

blimey woman where do you find them all?! <extreme jealous emotion>

is the only difference on the 2008 the handle adjustment?

older ones have twiddly knobs and newer ones have the bee type clasp? I may have a look at the older ones then as there seems to be an issue with the handle adjustment on bees failing (mine has on one side)

nicolamumof3 Wed 22-Jul-09 18:14:59

hello all!

it has been v.quiet hasn't it?

i've never had or wanted a bug, don't like them in carrycot mode, and then see so many people squashing over large toddlers into them in pushchair mode...not one for me im afraid!

sal1309 Wed 22-Jul-09 18:49:08

hello everyone just thought id say hi currently in new house but still surrounded by boxes and got to clean the old house ready for march out

Nicola how did the wedding go?

scatty if you dont get jigglys bag i have got a brand new in box black zapp bag for sale (if i can find it as not sure which box its in lol)

must admit i cant believe how much baby/pram stuff ive got that i didnt realise i had must have a major clearout when im sorted

hope everyone is well

I do have a bugaboo but its just sat in the garage at the mo

scattykatty Wed 22-Jul-09 19:01:34

Sal is your DH is the army? Only mine is and we say march out..... How much would you like for the bag? Feeling a bit poor as I bought a new Zapp and Petit Bateau raincoat for the DS so would love to avoid having to buy a bag from kiddicare grin

scattykatty Wed 22-Jul-09 19:02:23

Oh and no Jiggly I didn't get any reply from you Gutted about the basket! What is the item number for your bag please?

nicolamumof3 Wed 22-Jul-09 19:38:58

glad you got to new place ok sal, happy unpacking!

wedding was fab thanks a real dream come true!!

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 22-Jul-09 20:28:11

Hi Sal. Is new place nice?
I have brought lurvely Hauck winnie pushchair home and it's on ebay now. So I have a NEED for another cheap little buggy for Grandma. Never mind the fact that my children stay at grandma's about three times a year.She must be equipped yes?
Hauck was very hard to manouevre.

nicolamumof3 Wed 22-Jul-09 20:32:14

lol dunoon!

did you have a nice break?

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 22-Jul-09 20:47:47

Yes I drank quite a lot of wine and didn't eat a solid meal in the two and a half days I was there.
Got over to Grandma's last evening and had to go and see Harry Potter with DD1. How I managed to not fall asleep I don't know.
Harry P was ok but rather a lot of romance and the ending took sooooooo long.
So glad you had a lovely wedding day. I was thinking of you as I picked up lurvely Hauck in the sunshine of your town. Bit windy though.

nicolamumof3 Wed 22-Jul-09 21:23:28

sounds great!

yes it was a big blowy, my veil was driving me nuts!!

now im back to some kind of normality decdied the house is driving me nuts. need a huge toy cull, and a sort out here...when i get the time. now its the holidays!

sal1309 Wed 22-Jul-09 21:27:18

glad you had a nice day nicola

the new place is lovely its bigger than my old house as its a 3 bed instead of a 2 so a bit more room but less storage lol

scatty my dh is raf the bag cost me £20 delivered so would take £15 delivered?

shame about the hauk flyme

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