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quinny buzz seat help!

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sazm Tue 21-Jul-09 23:08:50

hi all,
i have managed to end up with a quinny buzz frame, just the chassis though,
so i need to buy a seat unit for it,

does anyone know if all seat units fit all frames??could i buy one of the new memory foam seat units and put it on the chassis?
i dont actually know how old the chassis is,i think its about 4/5yrs old,but not sure,

also does the new foam seat fabric fit on the older style seat frames?or just the new frames??

thanks anyone x

ps if anyone has a seat unit for sale i would be interested ( for a boy)

PrammyMammy Wed 22-Jul-09 11:49:30


The seats fit all frames. We had the 2007 ( i think although we bought it in 2008) frame and memory foam unit but bought one of the older ones in red reflection too.
The foam fabrics only fit onto the new seat units though, (and you can buy the units without the foam - they have orange in the inside, and can buy the fabrics on their own too)
Personally i like the older seat units best, they have more space and leg room (but the foot rest always breaks)

enimod Wed 22-Jul-09 14:52:41

if you are selling the chassis i would be interested! i have an old 2005 version and could do wiht a spare chassis for when this one breaks!

sazm Wed 22-Jul-09 20:11:22

lol,might,i've just moved house and cant find the thing to plug my camera into the laptop!so can't do pics!
thats the debate im having,whether t buy the seat or just sell the chassis!!
if i could find the camera i prob would have sold it by now!!


enimod Fri 24-Jul-09 07:04:21

if you do decide to sell it how much would you be looking for? does it have the wheels too? which model/year is it? thankyoux

sazm Fri 24-Jul-09 22:44:12

hi,im not really sure at all about the age of it,
i think its about a 2005/2006 one,
it has the 3 wheels and folds/unfolds fine,i would need to have a better look at it,and try to sort out where my camera lead is!before i could sell it,
would be looking for about £60 posted? as they seem to be going for that on ebay (some even without the wheels)

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