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Anyone with a Loola UP? A few questions, if I may....

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ButtercupWafflehead Mon 20-Jul-09 18:22:33


I am thinking about the Loola UP for next child as my current pushchair won't accept a buggy board.

If you have one, please can you tell me:

Is there space enough for a buggy board?
Does the handle go up and down?
Can you steer it one-handed?

All very high on my list of priorities!

Thanks so much,

EverybodyNeedsABosomForAPillow Mon 20-Jul-09 22:26:49

Hi, I have a Loola Up. I don't know about the buggy board but yes the handle goes up and down (3 positions I think) and yes you can definitely steer it one handed.

poopscoop Mon 20-Jul-09 22:29:56

oh blimey all these people with their loolas up - it is disgusting grin

makedoandmend Mon 20-Jul-09 22:33:35

I had a loola up (now got a loola - long story which I won't bore you with)

Buggy board - no idea but yes to the other two

BertieBotts Mon 20-Jul-09 22:36:44

Ooh I've got one.

The handle goes up and down but not by much and I find the lowest position the most practical as it's the only one you can hang a changing bag across the handles. (Well you can still hang it across on the higher positions but it slips down and looks a bit funny)

I find it easy to steer one-handed.

Sorry, only have one so no idea about the buggy board but I seem to remember reading that it does take one and that it is good because the child sort of stands within the handle.

I love my Loola Up The only complaint I have is it's fairly heavy when folded and not at all easy to fold one-handed. So am looking at the Streety... but it doesn't seem as comfy or as sturdy. I want to see one "in the flesh"!

BertieBotts Mon 20-Jul-09 22:38:15

Buggy Board/Loola Up discussion

WhatFreshHellIsThis Mon 20-Jul-09 22:44:42

We have a Loola Up and a buggy board and it works really well. Nice and stable and DS1 stands within the handle, iyswim. Only drawback is I like the handle in the highest position as I'm tall and DS1 prefers it down as otherwise he bangs his head on it a bit. Other than that it's great.

I use some buggy clips to hang bags on as the single handle means there's nothing to hang bags on otherwise.

Very easy to steer one handed, in fact we swapped an old style Loola for an Up exactly because you can steer the Up onehanded. It is a heavy buggy and I find for folding it's actually easier to take the seat off first and fold the wheels separately, although they do fold up together if required. when folded separately, the wheels are very compact.

The carrycot bit (the Windoo) is great and DS1 and DS2 both slept in that exclusively for the first few weeks.

You can now get adaptors to make it compatible with the MaxiCosi car seat if you don't want to buy a Creatis.

I love my Loola, it's worked really well for us and is very comfy for the babies. The seat is suitable from birth now and reclines completely flat. With a buggysnuggle it's dead cosy in there. smile

ButtercupWafflehead Tue 21-Jul-09 09:13:32

Ah, wonderful answers - thanks so much everyone!

Verity79 Tue 21-Jul-09 18:17:59


I too have the LoolaUp and you definately can use a buggy board with it although I only use mine as a rear facer as I think if you reclined it forward facing you would have no where for child on bb to stand! I hope that makes any sense!?!?!

I love mine and in fact I sold my Hauck Infinity and Maclaren Quest to fund the purchase of it as it fulfils all of my requirements in one pushchair (compact fold, rear facing, light, great recline, adjustible handle, big hood, bar handle, accessible basket, large shopping carrying capacity).

My only fault with it is that they don't make a double version grin.

MissyBellatrix Tue 21-Jul-09 18:31:09

I have the Loola UP and it's great. You can virtually steer it with one finger and it's got a very tight turning circle so navigating narrow spaces is easy. It's really light to steer too and handles most surfaces brilliantly. Handle is 3 position and my DH finds it as comfortable as I do.

The Windoo carrycot is fab for newborns - really cosy, although they grow out of it by 4m as they want to see what's going on more. However they can sleep in it also it's one of the few carrycots that are legal to have in the back car seat (it comes with fixings) so if you were planning a few long journeys then much more comfortable for a LO than the car seat.

However even without the Windoo, the Loola UP is lie-flat and the cosy toes is like a umini sleeping bag, so comfy!

My only drawback is that it is heavy to fold in one piece (although possible). I find it easier to seperate the frame from the seat first. This obviously isn't useful for public transport but if you don't use buses etc very often then you will be fine.

BertieBotts Tue 21-Jul-09 19:43:45

Carrycot is legal in cars, but definitely not as safe as a proper car seat so bear that in mind though.

Personally I never bothered with the carrycot as the seat unit lies properly flat and it's pretty cosy with the hood on and a blanket so no need for one really - but personal choice obviously! I think actually the Streety carrycot fits on as well so if you wanted a more lightweight carrycot that might be an option.

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