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Where can I but a nice pinny? pinney? or tabard?

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PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 20-May-05 18:27:19

I have a chef's apron, but am finding it most unsuitable.

SoupDragon Fri 20-May-05 18:28:04

What sort would you like?

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 20-May-05 18:29:16

something that has a fitted waist to it.

My chef apron is made for a man and it's not comfy.

PuffTheMagicDragon Fri 20-May-05 19:11:46


No one's interested.

Better see what lakeland's got to offer.

I really am fed up with the one dh bought me, complete with it's slogan, "never trust a thin cook".

Seeing as I've lost 5 stones I deserve a new one.

Hermione1 Fri 20-May-05 19:13:44

my father in law brought me one from africa because thats where he lives. it has giarffes on it, although i never wear it,

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