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Which Nintendo DS games for a 6 year old girl??

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minko Fri 17-Jul-09 13:50:23

DD has Nintendogs and absolutely loves it. I've heard that Super Mario is good, but are there any other animal based ones that you can recommend?

Any tips on where to get them cheap would be gratefully received too!

Thanks in advance...

MadreInglese Fri 17-Jul-09 13:53:43

DD has some godawful thing where you can dress up dogs like cheerleaders and take 'photos', Imagine Pets Fashion or something like that

Oh, and Hamsters where you have a virtual hamster and build up a cage and feed it and play with it. Good if you have allergies I guess smile

Do you have a local games or exchange shop where you can buy pre-owned games? They are usually about half the original price IME.

minko Fri 17-Jul-09 15:37:47

Thanks for that. Hamsters might be good as she's after a real one...

Any more suggestions?

bakerslovecakes Fri 17-Jul-09 15:43:21

The Imagine games are good, you can get Babies, Vets, there are quite a few to choose from. I think its best buying pre-owned, my dd has had so many games that she has found boring that we wasted quite a bit of money and you dont get much for games if you want to trade or sell.

sazm Fri 17-Jul-09 17:25:29

i just bought my son a ds for his 5th birthday.i got if from blockbuster and they gave us free rentals for amonth,which have been great,
he bought diego with his money but he completed it in 20 mins!so was a waste of money for him!
ebay can be cheap,and also pre-owned ones from game are anything from £5 up ( i even got a couple without boxes for £2.99)

Hulababy Fri 17-Jul-09 17:30:16

7y DD likes the Imagine games - Doctor, Teacher, Interior Designer, Gardening, etc. And also the Cooking Mama 1 and 2 games.

She also plays things like Junior Brain Training, but that only takes 5-10 mins a day.

She enjoys the Tamagotchi Corner games; she says the second one is better than the first.

DD has access to an awful lot f games these days but I think the above are her current favourites.

madwomanintheattic Fri 17-Jul-09 17:31:19

my almost 6yo dd likes pokemon ranger, sonic rush, madagascar, animal crossing, imagine animal doctor, and of course the nintendogs you already have.

sazm Fri 17-Jul-09 22:39:34

madagascar is the one we have this week, its really good,

3cutedarlings Sat 18-Jul-09 09:38:12

Littlest pet shop (garden) is my DDs favorite atm.

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