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Calling all Pushchair experts! Lightest pushchair - is it the Maclaren Volo?

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OrangeKnickers Fri 17-Jul-09 09:11:46

Or is it likely to be an Argos one?

I have a Quest but it STILL seems too heavy!

OrangeKnickers Fri 17-Jul-09 11:24:56

Anyone? I know I am being impatient. grin

OrangeKnickers Fri 17-Jul-09 20:14:41

omg - my pushchair has been completely ignored. I am an outcast

OrangeKnickers Fri 17-Jul-09 21:02:28

off to bed - night night lonely thread

kitsmummy Fri 17-Jul-09 21:25:11

I have a Volo, tis v light indeed, hope that helps

CarGirl Fri 17-Jul-09 21:26:18

Have no idea but prob the volo I should think.

BlameItOnTheBogey Fri 17-Jul-09 21:27:39

Have a Volo and it was the lightest of all those we road tested (many, many...)

CarGirl Fri 17-Jul-09 22:19:47

do you mean lightest to pick up and carry or lightest to push because those little wheels make it harder to push with a toddler in it!

lecohen Fri 17-Jul-09 22:21:29

Hi there, I have a volo and very light to carry - AND push (even with my almost 3 year old in it)

OrangeKnickers Sat 18-Jul-09 08:54:56

thank you!

Am in London, is it Ok to push over bumpy pavements? Also ds loves to walk so could I pack it up and carry it while holding his hand? Would you buy it again??

thanks smile

BlameItOnTheBogey Sat 18-Jul-09 09:56:13

Yes, yes and yes. I am also in London and use it every day to commute in and out. It collapses using just one hand and then you sling it over your shoulder using the strap. V light an easy. I couldn't be without it. Only downside is the brakes are a bit rubbish but nothing too serious.

Celery Sat 18-Jul-09 09:59:18

Yes, the Volo is fabulous.

DavidatPramworld Sat 18-Jul-09 11:27:57

The Volo is defintely one of the lightest but it does have a drawback that it doesn't recline but I cannot think of a lighter pushchair and I've been selling prams etc for 15 years!!

bran Sat 18-Jul-09 11:40:16

I had a Volo for DS as a car/public transport pushchair. It was great if I needed to carry it, and when DS was little I could even carry it up stairs with him in it. It was a bastard to push over uneven pavements though, because it has little wheels it would come to a sudden stop if it hit a big crack/hole. If I was walking any distance at all I used to use his Urban Detour.

I have a Baby Jogger City Mini for DD as her only pushchair and it's a good compromise between easy to push and easy to fold/carry IMO, but definitely not as lightweight as a Volo. It also doesn't have a shoulder strap like the Volo does, just a handle.

CarGirl Sat 18-Jul-09 12:13:03

I think the newest volos have slightly larger wheels than the older ones. It's def noticable lighter than the quest.

OrangeKnickers Sat 18-Jul-09 20:30:13

I think that's settled then, it sounds great. I can use my old footmuff (probably). Thanks for all the help.

DavidatPramworld; via Kelkoo have them for £68 - I'd like a red and black frame one. I don't suppose you could match them?

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