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Please help! Raincover for Maclaren techno XLR, going mad!!!

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IwishIcouldmoonwalk Thu 16-Jul-09 18:24:51

Please please please, does anyone have a raincover for a maclaren techno XLR that they want to sell? I managed to lose ours, have no idea how, have bought:
1. a generic buggy cover replacement which is rubbish and my ds just grabs and chews and so gets wet
2. what I thought was a maclaren techno raincover from ebay, turns out it's for a different model, so doesn't fit
I live abroad so finding stockists is tricky, can anyone help?????????

mamadiva Fri 17-Jul-09 08:25:01

Hi have you tried the Maclaren website it may be a bit expensive but atleast you would have the proper on which definately fits!

Hope you find something soon.

scattykatty Fri 17-Jul-09 11:51:50

I have a XLR and I really can't see anything other than an official MacLaren one fitting as they attach to those metal button things on the side.... I've seen ones on ebay in the past so that's probs still your best best.

IwishIcouldmoonwalk Fri 17-Jul-09 17:19:42

thanks mama and scatty - you're probably right, I need to give ebay another go. Just am so annoyed with wasting money on the wrong thing twice already!

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