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Thermal base layers

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ChilliK Wed 15-Jul-09 19:27:31

Can anyone recommend a good/great base layer for my boys under sports clothes and winter wear for the upcoming term as they will freeze to death on the rugby pitch and in the school for that matter. Thanks!

girlywhirly Thu 16-Jul-09 12:40:51

My thoughts are undergarments made for skiing, so perhaps a specialist outdoor sports shop for thermal T shirts. I think large M&S do childrens thermal garments, you could try online when the winter stock comes in.

Actually, Matalan had some thermal undergarments in the mens clothing last winter, I bought DH some long-johns to wear under his trousers when he went to watch footy. Depends whether they are older kids/teens who might fit small mens things, they had long-sleeved tops. But chances are they will have to have bare legs on the rugby pitch.

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