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buggy boards - are they worth it?

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csa Thu 19-May-05 13:39:51

thinking of getting a buggy board for ds (3yo). are they worth the money and what's good with the maclaren techno stroller?

milward Thu 19-May-05 13:42:04

Didn't like our buggy board as difficult to push the pushchair with arms extended to cover the extra space required for toddler. Also the strain on the frame of the pushchair took it's toll and it slowly fell to bits - have to fix it.

Gwenick Thu 19-May-05 13:43:36

Ours was invaluable - DS1 was 3yrs 3 months when DS2 was born - and we lived miles from everything (well not literally but felt like it). He was a good walker, but tired easily - and although we only used it for about 3 or 4 months I'm glad we had it.

clary Thu 19-May-05 14:18:08

I love buggyboards (see threads passim) but I do think they have limited life for a 3yo unless a) the child is small or b) you are strong. DD is 4 next month and hasn’t been on our bb since last October, in fact we’ve just sold it. DS1 used it regularly until he was about 3.5, tho I did once push him after ds2 was born so he must have been almost 4, but I nearly died!
That said I know a mum who regualrly pushes her 5.5 yo to school on one! But she is very fit. And maybe a girl is just lighter than a boy....

pixel Thu 19-May-05 15:10:15

Our buggyboard was really useful as dd's school was such a long way away and she is even now very small for her age. I also used to put a big bag of frozen food on it when walking back from iceland!

I wouldn't have been without it, must have pushed it miles and could get up quite a good speed. I've put on loads of weight since we stopped using it!

csa Fri 20-May-05 09:01:32

hmm. thanks for that all. ds is rather small for his age so not that heavy really. but on saying that, i am not that fit either. it is just that we are going on holiday to cornwall in summer and i would rather bring a stroller for the baby than a pram (due to lack of boot space) and was thinking of getting a bb for ds so he doesn't feel turfed off his stroller. maybe i should try and get one from ebay. anyone know what is good with a maclaren techno xt stroller? or is one bb the same as another? i read on another thread that a second hand one might be difficult to fit on as it has been adjusted for the previous pushchair. is this true?

pixel Fri 20-May-05 12:08:43

You should still be able to adjust it because I used to swap mine around from the pram to the buggy and it had to be different heights.

jenkel Sat 21-May-05 22:40:56

I had a horrendous time with our buggy board with a 2 year old, she just wouldnt get on it and kept trying to get off mid push if you see what I mean, given up as I was too worried about a serious accident. I would suggest you try to get a 2nd hand one as they are quite expensive especially if you or your toddler doesnt get on well with it.

Fimbo Sat 21-May-05 22:52:46

Sorry to Hijack thread.

Does anyone know what type of double buggy a buggy board would fit on to? My friend is expecting twins and wants one for her 2 year old. The only double buggies that she has seen that fit a buggy board cost £1000. Any ideas? TIA

ghost Sat 21-May-05 23:54:25

I have a buggy board fitted to my mcclaren twin traveller puschair ( a from birth version). it is a from birth buggy and my dd1 is able to stand on it when my 8 month old dd2 is fully reclined. I also have this great buggyboard type thing called a 'seat to go' attached to it when I am not using they buggy board - I had three children under three and found at time dd1 did not want to stand up because she was tired. The 'seat to go' is excellent because it has a section above where the child stands that enables the child to sit if they are tired. It detaches in exactly the same way as a buggyboard so when not in use you just click it off. It was cheaper than the buggy board - I got mine from babycare direct website but they also sell them in the boots additions catalogue now for about £35. Hope that helps

clary Mon 23-May-05 00:23:01

Fimbo I knew someone with triplets who used a regular Lascal buggyboard (the £45 job) with a Maclaren Vogue (or similar) side-by-side twin (this was when the triplets were about 2) and it seemed to work fine. I'm pretty sure you can get a Maclaren stroller which is suitable from birth with full lie-back which is nonetheless umbrella fold and eminently suitable for a b/board. For less that £1k i would hope too.
at payign £1,000 for a pushchair!!!

csa Mon 23-May-05 09:04:55

thanks all for your input
think i will give the bb a miss for now.

Fimbo Mon 23-May-05 09:29:12

Thanks Ghost & Clary. I am seeing her today, so will print your contributions off to let her see. I was also shocked at the £1k for a buggy.

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