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Double Buggy with flat carrycot for newborn?

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pigleychez Tue 14-Jul-09 15:58:31

Looking for a double buggy thats not too big and a Newborn can lie flat in.

Any ideas/recommendations anyone?

nowwearefour Tue 14-Jul-09 16:02:17

it is hard to combine double with flat with not too big! i had a first wheels city twin. i loved it. but it was BIG!

redrobin Tue 14-Jul-09 16:13:58

Mountain buggy - superb.

redrobin Tue 14-Jul-09 16:14:40

meant to add, same width as a wheelchair so goes everywhere.

norktasticninja Tue 14-Jul-09 16:20:52

I've just had DC2 and in the end we settled for a Phil & Teds Vibe. TBH I really wanted a rear facing double but the only options were the first wheels city twin and the ABC Design Zoom. Both were massive and impractical. I couldn't find a side by side double with lay flat option that wasn't far too wide to walk past in our hall and the tandems (one in front of the other) were all either reaaaaaaaly long or heavy (or both).

I don't actually like the concept of the P&T but it's definitely the most practical option - the best of a bad bunch!

Sunshinemummy Tue 14-Jul-09 16:28:45

Phil & Ted for me too. You can get a little carry cot thingy to fit inside it as well so you can put the baby in and out without waking it.

Rain cover is rubbish though.

wwwbabygudscouk Tue 14-Jul-09 16:37:50

The vector duo has this option it is quite long as its a tandem but its very easy to Manoeuvre.

TamTam29 Tue 14-Jul-09 16:48:49

I have just ordered a baby jogger mini city. it doesnt have a carry cot but is meant to be great, the newborn lies completely flat & the seat is deep enough that they dont look like they are going to slide out the end.

If you dont need something that fits into a car then I would reccomend a mountain buggy. I have a single Urban and it is so light to push. I bought a carrycot for it from ebay and I use that instead of a moses basket. The double version is basically the size of 2 singles side by side.

Was given a jane powertwin but did not like it one bit & the seat didnt lie completly flat as they claim (nor did my boys, 22months & 5weeks)

mumo75 Tue 14-Jul-09 17:37:39

M&P duette
cive got one im selling for £250 with carrycot & 1 seat unit
email me for details

Loopymumsy Tue 14-Jul-09 21:16:28

Message withdrawn

TamTam29 Wed 15-Jul-09 09:21:32

ebay is good for mb and there are always loads of carrycots for the double version available. If you are not fussy about having black or navy then you can get a bargain. My bright green one was £20 but the navy/black were going for over £50.

I am waiting for my baby jogger to arrive this morning - so excited!

pigleychez Fri 17-Jul-09 16:54:02

Thanks for the replies.

Ive looked into them all and some do look good but measureming them up they wont fit int the boot Have a Fiat Punto.

Think im asking the impossible here really

TamTam29 Fri 17-Jul-09 20:37:31

mmmm - punto is quite small, i did have one once but think your boot may be a tad bigger than mine?

i am loving my babyjogger so far - never been out in the rain so much!

It folds down really small - if i take the shelf off i can lean it against the backseats and still have room for shopping, or it will fit diagonally with the roof on.

christiana Fri 17-Jul-09 20:41:05

Message withdrawn

tvfriend Fri 17-Jul-09 20:49:56

Vote for Phil and Ted's too (Sport)- why is the rain cover rubbish? mine's fantastic smile

SparkleandShine Fri 17-Jul-09 20:55:50

Just bought an out and about double after reading lots of reviews (it's top on here plus gets very good reviews elsewhere) - it really is fab.
It's quite light and fantastic to push plus it is lie flat and isn't unbalanced with a newborn and a 3yr old. Highly recommend it.

Not sure about a fiat punto tho grin. I think you need an estate car for a double wink they are not small

Loopymumsy Fri 17-Jul-09 21:05:15

Message withdrawn

sazm Fri 17-Jul-09 22:43:03

you would prob be better off with a phil and teds,
they are really compact when folded if you take the wheels off,

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