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Ipod Nano

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geordieminx Tue 14-Jul-09 13:16:00

Have just catapulted myself into the 21st century and bought an Ipod Nano.

Now, what do I need (or what will make my life easier) to go with it?

I go to the gym, so was thinking about one of those armband things - Are they all pretty much the same - seems to be some very cheap ones and some v expensive ones..

Also - what about fm transmitters oh and "skins"??? WTF??

Anything else?


shhhh Tue 14-Jul-09 21:19:26

I have a nano BUT just use it in the car (with the fm transmitter) so can't help with accessories for gym etc...

Bumping for you.

afaik "skins" are covers to protect the nano from scratches etc should you drop it etc.

Enjoy it though,got mine about 4 yrs ago from "dd" for christmas and tbh thought hmm and didn't realise then how much I would use it..! grin.

I download anything and everything from chart songs to justin/mr tumble for dd&ds and its so much easier than buying cd's, saves space as well as you don't need a billion cd's on car journeys etc.

BTW,jazz it up wink Get diamnates from ebay and make it your "own". Mine is pink with sworovski crystals and is devine grin. Im v girly though so whatever floats your boat!!

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