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Olan Mills Photography plans - Anyone interested??

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en00gfs Thu 19-May-05 09:38:02

Hi, I recently purchased a 'Watch Me Grow Plan' from Olan Mills photography studios. I bought the plan over the phone and was asked by the lady who sold it to me if I knew anyone else who might be interested in it. Just thought I'd mention it on here as it seems like a really good deal. And if I can pass on a few phone numbers to her she'll give me an upgrade on the plan!!

Basically what you get is 4 sittings spread over a year with an 8"x10" portrait from each one. And it's only £26.99. I think it's only for little children, under 3 i think.

If anyone does want to hear about it they can mail me their phone number and I'll pass it on.

They have studios all over the country apparently.

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