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Who has the BEST aftersales service-another washer/dryer question!

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merglemergle Thu 19-May-05 07:26:17

I want to know-

Who comes out quickly?

Who doesn't make you wait in ALL day?


Our washer/dryer has died again and Coment are the spawn of the devil. It has 2 1/2 years on the warranty but we're due a baby in 6 weeks and I can't take any more waiting in for drunk engineers.

Recommendations, please!

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 07:57:38

You might find the experience / recommendations on this site useful.

merglemergle Thu 19-May-05 07:58:57

Thanks hub2dee that looks really useful!

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 08:38:20

No probs. The author is a long-serving repairman. I've read his site reasonably thoroughly and he does make specific recommendations at different price points. If the money is available, Miele machines seem to have the best construction, a great reputation and he discussed their engineer call out service (factory run, some repairs at fixed price, company-employed repairers etc.)...

(If you archive search my name and Bosch / Miele I've posted phone numbers of some trade suppliers should you / friend / family own a business and can place a trade order).

merglemergle Thu 19-May-05 12:04:43

Hub2dee-thanks. Comet have just agreed to write the evil thing off (I made a real nuisance of myself) so can probably afford a Miele. But after reading that website am wondering if I can afford a Dyson...

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 12:11:18

Wow. Great job on Comet. You must be scary.

(Else machine was total lemon).

We went for Miele. Bl**dy expensive, but they are built better. (Whether the increased reliability is worth the price of two lesser machines, for example, is questionable), but they tend to work well and I think the manufacturer's engineers take some of the 'uncertainty' out of the 'dealing with the dodgy repair blokey' IYSWIM.

I would not hesitate to go for them. User charleypops just bought one (search archives) and she's a bit of a mad researcher, like me.

Take it you read that washer help man's article on Miele ? He seemed to think they were also rather tasty... well, at least as tasty as whitegoods can be.

I know the Dyson has some unique features, but I am not sure all users rave. I don't know anything about their long term use.

merglemergle Thu 19-May-05 12:47:45

I like to think I am scary but looking at the machine...I don't think I can take all the credit

Quick question-can much go wrong with dryers? Can I get a super-cheap dryer and an expensive washing machine?

hub2dee Thu 19-May-05 13:57:39

Hmmm... good question. Maybe ask washer help man guru ?

I would guess less can go wrong, so it might be a way to save money, yes. Given the choice between a fab dryer and a fab washe, I'd deffo go for the fab washer and economise on the dryer.

piffle Thu 19-May-05 14:32:26

mergle are you me?
Our shitty indesit wde12 finally carked it after 6 WEEKS of being broken, 5 visits from their (Comet)stupid ignorant engineers
they send you a sodding voucher that you MUST use in a coment store, we upped ours and used the value of the voucher against a £750 miele proper washing machine with 10 yrs built in guarantees
it arrives monday
every engineer laughed at us buying a washer dryer and esp an indesit
they say
my complaint letter is 4 pages long so far.

merglemergle Thu 19-May-05 14:42:28

I went to m+t this morning and told my sorry tale...

TWO other people had had the same experience re Indesit washer dryers and Comet.

Do you think some sort of action is needed, a la Fathers4Justice? We could all wear our unwashed clothes and go and stand on Comet HQ's roof. I would enjoy that.

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