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Anyone seen the bed I want?

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oxcat1 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:47:32

DH and I really need a new bed - currently sleeping on 2 singles pushed together after the slats gave way on the last!

I'm not sure how to describe the kind of bed I want. Iron frame, but not in any way fancy. Rather more like the kind of beds you see in 50s Hospital soaps, with the frame made out of almost scaffolding. In cream or white.

Has anybody seen anything like that? Any suggestions much appreciated!

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 12-Jul-09 17:54:30

this sort of thing

oxcat1 Sun 12-Jul-09 17:57:25

Oh yes - that's just the kind of thing I'm looking for. Thank you!

Unfortunately it is also nearly £600!

Maybe I could find one without the feathery bits? And perhaps even chunkier?

But certainly cheaper!

Thank you again though - much the closest!

Thandeka Sun 12-Jul-09 18:00:44

this any good?

I love feather and black- we have the tosca and its great!

Indith Sun 12-Jul-09 18:01:55

like this? Not quite hospital but not bad and a good price!

Thandeka Sun 12-Jul-09 18:05:25

awww indith thats like my bed but cheaper! think ours was £349!

oxcat1 Sun 12-Jul-09 18:05:30

You are all starts! Thank you!

I've been looking for ages and not got even close.

I love the Feather and Black one, and certainly a bit closer in price.

Indith - the price is perfect, but it's a tiny bit fancier than I had envisaged. I might be persuaded though.

oxcat1 Sun 12-Jul-09 18:07:25

Stars.... obviously. blush

Indith Sun 12-Jul-09 18:08:06

I'm pretty sure there is one like this in white in the catalogue.

Indith Sun 12-Jul-09 18:09:23

Thandeka I have the black one bookmarked, as soon as we exchange on the house we are buying it will be mine!

FiveGoMadInDorset Sun 12-Jul-09 18:25:08

oxcath - google victorian iron beds and you should have some luck.

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