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cats07 Sun 12-Jul-09 11:16:06

I'm thinking of getting a bug, mainly for use in town, particuarly the walk to school (up a very long and steep hill). I like the look of the bugaboos, but don't know if it's a cam, frog or gecko that I need.

DS2 is 13 months so don't need newborn features, and I reackon we'll be using it 'til he is 3.5.

I'm 5ft 5, so not sure if I'd need the adjustable handle option, and the town we live in has lots of cobbles and kerbs, so adjustable suspension might be helpful.

Can anyone advise, please, as I don't want to spend on features I don't need, but equally don't want to make a costly mistake by buying something not quite up to the job.


picklesmama Mon 20-Jul-09 18:25:52

This is a bit late but anyway... I adore my bugaboo (cameleon) but I reckon children have pretty much grown out of them by 2.5. They are just not made for bigger children. The Gecko is even smaller.
When my daughter was 2 I was tempted by the Bee (simple pram lust, nothing more!) but she looked so huge in the seat. Not long after that she stopped using the cam altogether in favour of our maclaren. That fits all sizes of course!
Maybe different if you are planning another little one in the long run, as the cameleon is a dream to push on a painful journey and you would get your money's worth with the next baby, but otherwise, it's a lot to spend on something you may not get as much wear as you hope. (that said, they hold their value extremely well if you look after it!)

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