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Patapum toddler use with a baby?

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barleycorn Sat 11-Jul-09 09:29:26

Ds2 is 6 mo and 10kg. I've been using a Kari-me but he's getting a bit long for me to walk comfortably when he's in the tummy to tummy position, and it's not that supportive for his weight.

I've got a woven wrap too but both of us seem to find it uncomfortable after 30 min or so.

I used an Ergo a lot with ds1 but I can't seem to adjust it so it's comfy for me this time round.

Then the other day (whilst ds1 was having a screaming fit at bedtime & ds2 wanted a feed) I found ds1's old patapum toddler so put it on & put ds2 in, and it felt sooo comfy. Ds2 seems happy in it, his shoulders come up to the top of the material & there's no way he can fall out of the sides, so does anyone know if I'm ok to use it with him?

All the blurb says to only use it from 18 mo, but can't figure out if this is just a size thing or something more fundamental such as spine position. Can anyone please advise? Thanks

newlark Sat 11-Jul-09 14:54:51

I've been using a toddler patapum with ds2 since 7 mths and he is lighter than your ds (about 9kg at 9 mths) - I'd say it is fine - if you look at the weight guide I think it says 7kg to 18kg or something like that.

barleycorn Sat 11-Jul-09 17:41:46

Oh thanks newlark, that's great to know.

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