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have u seen the phil and teds smart buggy?

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misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:15:03


nutcracker Wed 18-May-05 16:15:49

OMG a buggy that I don't like at last.

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:16:26

its rather bizarre isnt it?

nutcracker Wed 18-May-05 16:17:26

Old biddys would be constantly stopping you in the street to let you know two of the wheels had fallen off

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:18:41


what about the evo

nutcracker Wed 18-May-05 16:19:32

Thats a bit better but a bit boring.......blimey there is no pleaseing me eh ??

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:21:00

you dont need one do you

tarantula Wed 18-May-05 16:21:12

how strange. Not sure if I like it or not.

nutcracker Wed 18-May-05 16:22:26

Lol no i don't am not having any more buggies or kids

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:23:18

you sure lol. for the evo, plus sunshade and rainvoer, including shipping is around £89.

nutcracker Wed 18-May-05 16:29:58

Wow really thats no no i will not buy another buggy

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:32:58

thats shipping from NZ as well btw.

flum Wed 18-May-05 16:34:45

Thats coool. 85 quid, fairly reasonable

flum Wed 18-May-05 16:36:09

i like the one with two wheels no arsing around with brakes

misdee Wed 18-May-05 16:38:09

think it'd be good for people who are in cities and use public transport a lot, rather than smaller towns.

flum Wed 18-May-05 16:49:23

it would be brill but strangely it looks bulky when folded up. my maclaren is nice and compact so can bung it in a cupboard out of the way.

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