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JoJoMamanBebe swaddling blanket - how does it go?

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AuroraB Wed 08-Jul-09 19:19:23


i've got one of these for my new baby, but i gave all his stuff to my mother to wash before he came and she disposed of the wrapping not realising the instrctions were on it.

so, can anyone describe to me how it goes, it has a pocket bit i assume the baby goes in, then two sides which must wrap around but s there a special way to do this?

one side has a velcro bit, but confusingly this is folded over on itself and has the grippy side right next to the fuzzy side


thanks x

wifeofdoom Wed 08-Jul-09 19:24:57

Is it like this one but with
velcro? this is the one I used.

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