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recaro young expert / isofix

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roosmum Tue 17-May-05 21:47:59

does anyone have one of these seats?? i'm looking at it as a replacement for ds's travel system carseat. that or a seat with isofix (britax i think) .... anyone using either of these?? i'm after the safest seat primarily, tho the recaro looks great & v. comfy (more so than britax i think)
feedback wd be much appreciated

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 21:52:17

WE haven't got the recaro, but both our car seats are Isofix for DD - for the afety aspect.

We have a Britax Duo isofix - which is 9 months - 4 years. Very easy to put in, very safe, has great reviews on car safety info.

We also now have a Jane isofix chair (name of which escapes me!). It says from 9 months, but uses a normal car seat not a 5 point harness, so we didn;'t use this until DD was about 2.5/3yo. That is a bit more fiddly to start with to ut in - we have the nack now! Again, seems so much more safe that a normal booster chair.

Definitely recommend Isofix. Paying that bot extra for the safety is worth if IMO (if you can).

Yorkiegirl Tue 17-May-05 21:52:38

Message withdrawn

roosmum Tue 17-May-05 22:03:30

wow ladies, that\was superfast!!
my only thing with the britax seats compared with recaro is that they seem really hard & have little padding compared with recaro...just doesn't seem as comfy?? but i need SAFE for sure...

Yorkiegirl Tue 17-May-05 22:04:24

Message withdrawn

roosmum Tue 17-May-05 22:10:44

i guess so....but that recaro is the sofa-version of a carseat i think, it's that padded!! but well pricey at £180
can find isofix a bit cheaper i think.

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 22:13:36

We have the Britax and it is very comfy, according to DD!

The Britax is £180 (we got it for £150 from an independent store - friend of a friend)

The Jane is approx £100 (again we got it from the friend of a friend, for £80)

We dd like the look of the recaro I remember, but can't remember if it was a 5 point harness. What age is your DS? If a lot less than 3yo then I really would recommend the seat that has a 5 point harness TBH.

roosmum Tue 17-May-05 22:17:29

oh yes, ds is lickle, jusyt 3.5 mths, but already over 17lbs & looking squashed in his supposedly up to 1 yr carseat! so guessing that he has a couple more months in it & then time for something bigger.

Hulababy Tue 17-May-05 22:19:11

I know you say your little one is big, but before he goes in a next stage car seat he must also have relly good back strength too - the bility to be able to sit unaided for lengthy periods of time is as important as his weight.

Becuase he will be so young, he really does need a 5 point harness.

WigWamBam Tue 17-May-05 22:48:33

We have a Recaro seat (Start, I think it's called) for our dd, and it's superb. It's comfy, well constructed, and Recaro are one of the safest seats on the market.

roosmum Wed 18-May-05 11:39:36

thanks HB & WWB, didn't realise that the sitting up bit was as impt as weight...he'll be in his current seat for a while longer i also hoping that the mad fast weight gain eases off a bit soon (tho he's fully breastfed, so i hv faith that he's the weight he's supposed to be ).
WWB - the recaro seats look gorgeous don't they?? & v. glad to hear that the safety matches up too (though they did but wasn't sure...)

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-05 09:16:53

WWB - is the recaro start an isofix seat. DH is interested for his car. But not found it on net yet.

Kittypickle Mon 06-Jun-05 09:24:53

Can't help on the isofix issue, but DD (6) is in the Recaro Start as I felt she was much too light to be safe in a booster seat and DS (20 months) is in a Britax first class, as I want him to have the 5 point harness. To me there is absolutely no comparison in terms of comfort, the Recaro is way ahead (and now I'm feeling guilty about DS !)

Hulababy Mon 06-Jun-05 09:26:41

Thanks. DH does like the way the recaro looks, but I would really prefer an isofix car seat. But not sure if the recaro is, doesn't look like from the web though.

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