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Deck lighting

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Pam70 Tue 17-May-05 13:40:12

Had posted this in the Gardening club but didn't get any response....

We're getting a deck built and want some lights for it.

However I'm a bit confused by the choice that seems to be out there - does anyone know the difference between LED lights and fibre optic lights?

Also does the size of the (LED) light make a different to how the deck looks? They seem to range from 15mm to over 70mm in diameter.

Can anyone recommend a good website to purchase such lights?

Many thanks


Anteater Thu 19-May-05 13:34:59

Firstly, one WOMEMS perfect lighting setup is anothers nightmare... so best advice is have a look around AT NIGHT and see what you like.

I like simple halogen down lighting, around knee height, using the deck as a dull reflecter... The midges dont seen to be as 'turned on' by this sort of lighting.

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