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Tesco discount code - anything better than a fiver around?

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Lucycat Tue 17-May-05 13:14:43

What's going on with them? I feel quite insulted when I can only get a fiver off my shopping!

Tried ukhotdiscounts website place, just wondering whether anyone had another website I could try? (I live in hope!) Ta

lunavix Tue 17-May-05 13:15:33

try moneysaverexpert (or is it moneysavingexpert ?)

they have a couple got a tenner yesterday.

apparently tesco are clamping down as people are sharing the codes they send them (can you believe )

Lucycat Tue 17-May-05 21:01:03

OK then what's going on?
Why when i try to enter a code in the evoucher space is it telling me that 'Branch ID used is not valid for this voucher'?

grrr please don't tell me that they've sussed us!
Tell me what I'm doing wrong!!!

tammybear Tue 17-May-05 21:02:19

i just found this one on here somewhere to use as i just did my tesco shop! £10 off


Lucycat Tue 17-May-05 21:04:35

Thanks tb but it's not working for me! i think I've tried everything! getting v. p****d off with them now.

moondog Tue 17-May-05 21:06:13

What on earth is this 'code' everyone seems to know about? I feel like a Martian!

JoolsToo Tue 17-May-05 21:07:10

10 off 75 used tonight XX-HLD4

Lucycat Tue 17-May-05 21:08:35

we find them on this website but they aren't working for me today!!

moondog Tue 17-May-05 21:11:44

Soory,but what? Do Tesco have arbitrary money off things? Do you quote a code to the cashier or wot???

Gobbledigook Tue 17-May-05 21:13:35

PMSL at Moondog!!

When you do an online shop you can enter a code at the checkout to get money off. Really you should have been sent the actual voucher that has a code on that you then key in, but the voucher codes are publicised on some websites so anyone can use them!

Highly irregular but hey ho!

Gobbledigook Tue 17-May-05 21:14:25

I'm only getting £5 ones recently but then I do use on every week! As long as it clears delivery I'm not too bothered.

Libb Tue 17-May-05 21:14:33

would these work?

£10 off your groceries HLD4XXWFJR9G 05/06/2005
£10 off your groceries QDVN2ZK9LD8W 05/06/2005

I did find a £15 off £50 one the other day but can't remember where - sorry! (it was described as £20 originally)

Have to admit that Tescos cocked up again so tore the receipt up in a temper - the discount just about covered their mistakes! If I hadn't needed all the items (for a party) so urgently I would've kicked off a bit !

moondog Tue 17-May-05 21:15:58

Thank you gdg. I can rest assured now. You know that mad old hippies like me are more likely to be picketting Tescos than shopping there..

(Complete lie of course!!! )

Lucycat Tue 17-May-05 21:28:49

NO NO NO NO NO None of them are working for me - am I shopping from a crap store - it is an Extra though .grrrrrr

JoolsToo Tue 17-May-05 21:31:41

how much have you spent in the store?

Lucycat Wed 18-May-05 12:49:49

I started off spending £53 on shopping (plus £4.99 for delivery) then stuck a couple of wine boxes on to take it over the £75 mark, so I could try all the codes - but still nothing. It's done this to me before then the next time I've tried it's been ok. Could it be when my delivery is coming from a different store? although they have all come from the huge, brand new Tesco extra as far as I know as it's always the same woman that delivers it for me!

Perhaps I should get off my arse, stick dd (aged 2 last week - gulp) in the car and go and do it myself!!

fairydust Thu 19-May-05 09:39:18

Anyone found any??

fairydust Thu 19-May-05 09:47:20


stitch Thu 19-May-05 19:12:35

thanks libb, the second one worked for me

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