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Can anyone help me with summer shoes for boys???

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clary Tue 17-May-05 12:49:57

I’m calling on the collective wisdom of mumsnet now. I really need shopping-expert and mum of boys Coddy... but if anyone can help...
I want to buy DS1 (nearly 6) some nice shoes for school this summer. He only has one pair of shoes anyway so they have to be good for school (ie black and not open sandals). Actually he has some canvas Doodles for the beach/park in the hot weather too but anyway...
Clarks do a boys’ shoe with a T-bar, quite chunky but a bit more summery than the very enclosed clumpy ones. Trouble is, it’s only in a 13+ size. DS! is a 12. The smaller version Clarks do is different and strangely girly. I just want something like the bigger one.
Has anyoen seen any in other makes? Have tried the local Start-Rite shop but the man was quite unhelpful; doesn’t mean they may not do them tho. Does anyone else have this problem? What do you do, put yr boys in big clumpy black winter shoes with shorts? aaaargh!!!

advocateofthedevil Tue 17-May-05 12:54:19

put them in clumpy winter shoes with shorts. looks fine if shorts and socks are dark.

scotlou Tue 17-May-05 13:07:23

how about this? I know it's a startrite one - but provided your local shop is good at fitting kids - and stocks startrite - they can order for you. Usually takes less than a week and if they don't fit you don't have to buy them. By the way, I refuse to pay for another pair of school shoes this late in the year and my ds will either wear trainers or open toed sandals. He changes into indoor shoes anyway.

clary Tue 17-May-05 13:25:37

Ooh Scotlou those are yummy. Will have to call the stockists locally to see if they can get them.
IKWYM about not buying more, but the thing is trainers are banned at school and I think open-toed ones will not be great for football in playground etc. Also he does need some new shoes, his current ones (from last Sept!) are half a size too small and falling to bits!
Start-Rite prices - phew! Still, worth it if they look that good. And I reckon he’ll wear them till September and maybe beyond.

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