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A new bike for 4yr old - Decathlon?

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usernametaken Sat 04-Jul-09 22:01:06

We got DD a new bike (14ins) for her 4th birthday. A week later we removed the stabilisers and she was off and flying. However, we realised that her bike has a fixed rear wheel which means she has to pedal continuously. If she is riding down a hill she has to slow the bike by pedalling slower otherwise her legs are going like the clappers. Invariably she falls off a lot going down hills. If she goes over speed humps she has to keep pedalling, but the pedals often get caught on the brow of the hump.
We have in the process of selling it as we find it dangerous. but we need a replacement.
Does anyone have any recommendations? We are off to France in a few weeks and thought Decathlon might have something well made and free-wheeling. Has anyone had a kids bike from Decathlon?
If not Decathlon, do you have any recommendations for a decent, lightish bike for a very lightweight, short 4yr old?
Many thanks.

ScummyMummy Sat 04-Jul-09 22:13:00

The bikes there for all ages look pretty good to me- I'm a big fan. There is a great police one with a real siren- would your daughter like to be on a police bike, d'you think? Or there is a yellow flowery one that also looks tres jollie. Probably others too. Both my sons (10) have decathlon bikes, which are well made and well priced. But I haven't actually bought one from there for a younger child.

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