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Has anyone got a XI Twin Sport - im looking for opinions

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Frasersmum123 Sat 04-Jul-09 20:55:52

I am tinking of investing in a XI Twin Sport - does anyone have one or do they know anything about it?


giraffescantdancethetango Sat 04-Jul-09 20:58:46

Thats the one thats like a copy of the P&Ts isnt it? I have seen them both together and very little difference apart from the way the seat reclines.

Seems very good. Only thing I would be concerned about is its long term durability - have seen the wooden/plastic bit on the front footrest bit snap (inside the material) when a 3yr old stood on it so climb in.

Frasersmum123 Sun 05-Jul-09 19:16:40

Thank you. I have bitten the bullet and bought one, I dont care if it doesnt last forever, but im desperate to get out in the summer holidays and my Maclaren Twin Traveller makes that so hard!

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