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Do I get a trailer or baby seat for my bike?

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charliesweb Thu 02-Jul-09 16:19:41

Hi all. I have decided to get ethical and hopefully fit at the same time. I have a bike, but I need to transport 3 Dcs on the school run. The eldest can ride his bike (I hope). The younger 2 are DD, 4.5 (starting school in September) and DS2, 2 yrs. DD isn't confident enough to ride her bike, so I need some way to transport DD and DS2. The road we will be using is a busy one with large trucks and vans. DS1 will have to cycle on the pavement (is this legal?). My options are:
1) Buy a babyseat and walk (about 40 minutes) then I can cycle home.
2) Buy a trailer for 2 children. But I would have to cycle on the pavement.

Any advice?

lisad123 Thu 02-Jul-09 16:29:48

i have a lovely trailer, and def worth the money. We ride on the pavement blush where there isnt a cycle path. Loads of room, great in rain and safe if LO fall asleep (they tend to lean to side on bike seats and makes you unbalnaced)

Toys R us had a lovelyinstep one, or cyber checkout had them online for £69 delivered

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