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marco sky

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hamster Mon 16-May-05 16:30:38

Has anyone got one?
Are they any good?
All opinions greatly recieved!!!!

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 16:33:30

I do I do I do! I love my Marco Sky. Are you getting one cos of twins? What age children are you looking to put in it? I love my Marco but am really realistic about it and it's not everyone's cup of tea!

hamster Mon 16-May-05 16:56:41

Hi marslady
I am currently pg with my second, and DS will be 15 months when no2 gets here. I was looking at getting the Jane power twin until I saw one of these at the baby show this weekend.
DP is convinced it's "the one", and at £130-ish I can't really argue.
Go on are they really?

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 17:00:47

You can poss get on cheaper via ebay. I think that you should be fine. The canopy comes off so that'll make it easier with the 15m old.

Now let's see... it's not as easy to push as the Jane powertwin, however, it is smaller and gets into everywhere really easily and isn't a tandem like the JPT. The child in the back can lie down, but the child in the front is on a gentle slant but not really flat enough for long sleeps. The shopping basket is a waste of space. brb, DTs need milk

hamster Mon 16-May-05 17:03:56

It seems good as we have the world's narrowest front door, and I end up crashing the one I have now into people's ankles and shop displays etc!

When you say it's not as easy to push as th jpt....what do you mean? Is it just not as "smooth"?

hamster Mon 16-May-05 17:05:42

God, how sad to I sound going on about the ride quality of a pushchair?! LOL

Just don't want to buy it, and find it's crap so to speak! But if you recommend it the I will certainly take your word for it!.........

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 17:09:11

ok, sorted for half a mo........

Where was I?

You can just about keep your newspaper or book (whatever one of those are anymore) in it.

The babe at the back is able to see as the seat is higher. It folds down like an umbrella buggy and takes up just a fraction more room. It is easier to fold and put into car boots etc than the JPT. The handles are nice and high and swivel to adjust for your height, so if you are tall it's an ideal buggy. People stop me all the time to tell me what a clever buggy it is (must be the masters degree it's got lol). Bus drivers let you on cos they don't realise it holds 2. When the child at the back gets too big the canopy can come off.

I love it. It may be slightly heavier than the JPT to push, but no heavier than a side by side. I've travelled into town with it and take it to the Dr's surgery. I'm a fan and a would happily recommend it. The raincover is brilliant as well. Both of the DTs sleep in it whether at the front or back. Very comfy pram.

Does that help? Ask any questions that you want to. A good website is 2became4

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 17:11:07

yeah it's not as "smooth". You can't push with one finger and it can veer off but then you can lock the swivel wheels

hamster Mon 16-May-05 17:17:16

Thanks so much marslady.
I think I'm decided now.
Definitely buying one.


MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 17:27:58

I hope you like it. I love mine and it's not as trendy as some and so I feel quite special being ouyt and about in it. Do check out the website though. The new model looks best cos I forgot about the leg room at the back. Not that that should be an issue with a baby. Welcome to the marco sky club. If you want more opinions on it then try

Kelly1978 Mon 16-May-05 18:06:14

I've got the jane powertwin, it is a lot lot easier to push than the marco, and has a lot more space in the seats. But, it is a nightmare to get in the car boot (although we do get it in the boot of our fiesta. I would recomend the marco for kids of diffent ages. I think the JPT is really only best for twins where you are going to need two big seats for a long time - the seats in the marco are smaller, but with an older child and a baby you would prob want a single buggy eventually. And the JPT is very expensive, espec if you wnat matchign accessories etc, it really adds up.

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:08:15

I have to disagree kelly. My marco is lovely and suits the DTs. The new one has more leg room at the back and it's a perfect umbrella buggy to have. I think it lasts really well and the DTs ahve both been in it for ages. However, each to their own.

How's your day today?

Kelly1978 Mon 16-May-05 18:14:34

But will they still fit int here when they are a year older? That was the only thing that worried me with them. I have a friend with twins and she has one, and they look so cute in there, but I really can't see them still fitting in much past two years old. Although, on the other hand, I'm not sure would want to push them both much past that anyway!
I've had a nice relaxing day, the twins routine went totally to pot from fri, and so they've slept all day today. Prob be up all night tho! The break is worth it anyhow. The feeding has really calmed down too, which helps, but dt1 is now suffering with colic, jsut as we got dt2 off the drops. Older dks are gettign better too, but I'm going to take ur advice and keep her off for a bit longer to make ure she is still fully recovered.
How are u and ur family?

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:20:51

We're doing well thank you honey. The DTs are still being incredibly cute and puppy like. I was just thinking that I had thought it would get easier to do things as they got older, but at the moment it has gotten harder. I can't even hang washing out without some major castastrophe. lol I do love them though. I've decided to drop their afternoon sleep as they suddenly started to stay up late. Love them, but don't want to see them after 7.30pm.

I stopped pushing mine in buggies at 2 though I have a feeling I may prefer the confinement for the DTs. lol

I think once your DD is fully recovered it will be easier for you. Glad the babes have settled in their feeding. It's a good thing to say told you so about. I have some colic drops, sealed in packet if you want to CAT me I'll send them to you. Colief! I didn't use it because it said to put the drops in formula milk and as I bf exclusively at the time it was a bit of a waste. Sitting in the cupboard doing nothing I think. Up to you.

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:21:47

oh yes, the hood comes off the Marco sky so when they get bigger it will be just like a plain umbrella, but with 2 seats. (Can you tell I'm a fan? )

lockets Mon 16-May-05 18:23:02

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:25:12

get one now lockets. Start DD2 in the back and put DD1 in the front. Then when DD2 is big enough swap over because of gravity. btw can you tell frogspawn that MSN has locked me out sob sob sob and I can't fix it and DH is rubbish at that sort of thing, keeps telling me it's not worth it sob sob sob!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelly1978 Mon 16-May-05 18:26:11

lol, I do think the marco is very nice, and could be very tempted if the JPT hadn't cost me so much, as it would be great for getting in the car and on the bus. I think dp would flip if I told him I wanted a second buggy tho!
Don't say it gets harder, pleeease!. Thanks for the offer of the colief - can it be put in ebm, or only in formula? The dts are nearly exclusively fed on ebm now.

lockets Mon 16-May-05 18:27:30

Message withdrawn

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:30:22

yeah, just got the box from the cupboard, can go in ebm. CAT me and I'll send it tomorrow.

MarsLady Mon 16-May-05 18:31:05

ooh is it frogspawn's birthday then? The MS can be used from 2 months.

Kelly1978 Mon 16-May-05 18:37:00

Great thanks for that - have CAT u with my address. Ravi hates the taste of infacol, gets all upset, so will be great to try somethign that goes in the milk instead. I'm off now as dp is home, but speak soon. x

Xena Mon 16-May-05 18:57:01

We have a MS and I'm quite a fan but TBH I don't know if i would think it was if it was my only double. DD2 has to sit in the front as she (10mths) will not stop pulling DD1's hair. But thats OK because come Dec when No 4 arrives they can go in the back and she can keep her front seat. My Sister wanted one but her DT's refuse to try and get in the back seat (although there is enough room for my much bigger DD) so she makes do with a single and buggy board when we are shopping.

hamster Mon 16-May-05 19:09:28

thanks all, I think I'll go for the buggy board idea once ds is a bit bigger.
I have a mammas and pappas pulse ATM and I really don't wanna get rid of it so will prob keep it for future use!

lunavix Mon 16-May-05 19:40:10


I just thought I'd add a few bits. I have a marco sky and love it. But it's a tiny bit difficult to steer with two kids in it as it is just an umbrella buggy for two kids, like if you compare a single quality single with a single umbrella buggy.

Previous owner used a buggy board with it but it isn't really sturdy enough.

And it says on it not to use it till three months as the back seat only leans back it doesn't recline fully. Not on my older model anyways!

But it's a fab pushchair, it's sturdy enough for what I want it for, and it was cheap!

If I had the money, I think I'd lean more toward the E3 though...

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