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Any pram experts out there? Is a Zoom the answer?

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misscreosote Wed 01-Jul-09 15:23:48

Hello - I am trying to find the best double buggy for me (I don't think it exists, but I'm trying!). I've got a newborn and a relatively tall 22 month old, have currently got an old style Maclaren twin, which is OK, but I find the steering hard going, and baby doesn't seem to find it too comfy.

I would love something that I can have a carrycot with a toddler seat, that is really easy to push (maybe even one handed if such a thing exists, so I can hold the toddlers reins if she wants to walk), and that isn't too wide, so it can actually fit into shops and our house. I mostly use the buggy for childminder runs and up to the local shops, and some longer walks round the park.

I was thinking about a Phil and Teds (Vibe?) but my baby is pretty big already, at 4 weeks, and long, and so have some concerns about how long I'll actually be able to use the lie flat cacoon bit. Also I have to heft a huge bag round with me, and there doesn't seem to be anywhere to hang it on the P&T, and the shopping basket looks tiny.

I saw the Zoom Twin Travel System on the mumsnet reviews - it looks pretty good, but I don't know anywhere near me that has it on the shopfloor for me to have a look. Anyone got it/had it, love it/hate it? Or any other suggestions? (PS assume for now that money is no object, we might have a nice relly who will buy it for us grin)

Many thanks for any help - this is not easy!

Verity79 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:04:13

I have a First Wheels City Twin 2007 model so no nice metal bits on the seats. It's not the narrowest on the market at 78cm wide (Nipper is 76cmish?) but I can get it on the bus, it has a carry cot (got to buy it extra though) and the seats could face me.

I could push it one handed whilst it was loaded up with shopping - though the baskets are small and completely fill one with rain covers so I got some cheap buggy mesh bags for poundland to fix to back of seats to put r/covers in - the handle bar will take scads of shopping on a pram clip.

Draw backs included the optical illusion of having a carrycot and pushchair next to each other making it look super wide. This meant I had people laugh as I got on bus/liftthrough doors. One lady was particularly rude about it and she had a double umbrella stroller with her. I got the last laugh though her pushchair was bigger than mine grin it wouldn't fit in the space I had just left on the bus. Ha! Also if you strap a screaming toddler in seat make sure they don't break it! DD1 had such a wobbler she snapped part of the seat connectors. This time no tantruming child will be allowed in seats - they will have to walk.....or dragged....

All in all I love this pushchair so much and I am looking forward to using it again, as we are having DC3. DD1 grew out of it by weight at just under 3 but she is a big girl (tall/heavyish) she still had room for extra height though.

mumo75 Thu 02-Jul-09 11:38:22

i rate the m&p duette its fantastic 2 full size seats that will face mum.forward or each other

misscreosote Thu 02-Jul-09 20:06:04

thanks for the ideas, I've also jut discovered the multiples forum, where there are lots of opinions on these types of buggies (doh, don't know why I didn't look there before! blame the sleep deprivation...) smile

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