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which tandem is the best for a toddler&newborn - gracco?

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suMadre Wed 01-Jul-09 14:38:32

DS1 is 26 mths, DS2 is 5 weeks,purchased a side by side urban detour (aka huge tank)as thought that was comfiest for baby but as baby is here now and ive tried it once I realise I'll never go anywhere with it and need to think of my convenience too as well as kids' safety&comfort. Have considered a maclarens side by side but am now thinking a tandem would be best. Graco quattro looks amazing but VERY long....does anyone have experience of it? or of the graco stadium(looks more managable but does it lie flat for newborn?and is there enough space at the front for a big bulky 2 yr old?) Other options Ive thought of are the combi caterpillar but cant seem to find it on display anywhere. Does anyone have advice for me? I dont drive so will probably not need double pushchair when out with hub...more thinking of something I can get around with..can u actually get on the bus with any double buggy? Suggestions and advice welcome! thanks a lot

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