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Sob sob sob I need a Red Tripp Trapp Baby Set :(

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scattykatty Wed 01-Jul-09 13:23:29

Just bought a red Tripp Trapp (love it!) Didn't get the baby set, now I think DS will need one actually just for a couple of months. Saw one on Ebay but the bidding ends when I'm on holiday and she won't do BIN...

Does anone know where I can get one? DH normally has a strict no 2nd hand policy (he has a thing for receipts/guarentees) but I literally would need it I think for 2/3 months so I wouldn't mind a good condition 2nd hand one --that I'll tell DH came with the new Tripp Trapp-- [blush)

Housemum Wed 01-Jul-09 20:43:09

Back in Action and scroll down the stock clearance section - they have the older style ones for £20 plus £5 p&p, it says they fit all since 2004 - maybe someone else on here could confirm that?

whereeverIlaymyhat Thu 02-Jul-09 09:34:18

I have but it's not red it's "beech" if that's of any interest ?

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