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sheepskin pram liner?

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lastboxoftampons Wed 01-Jul-09 11:42:55

Can anyone recommend a good one? Or where to find one for the best price? wink

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 11:45:23

Tk maxx had the gorgeous bowron ones in, rrp 40 quid, they were selling for 18.

I went in a few weeks back and they had 2 in the clearance for £12

bargain, i have 3, i love them

CherryChoc Wed 01-Jul-09 11:58:21

That is a good deal - Mothercare do them for £40 which was the cheapest I'd found. I think Ikea do cheaper ones, but you'd have to make the holes for the straps yourself.

lastboxoftampons Wed 01-Jul-09 12:03:33

Thanks for that!

Disenchanted - that is a great deal! Your local TK Maxx doesn't happen to be in London, is it? wink

Cherry - I have heard about the Ikea ones, but there was doubt as to whether they were suitable for infant use?

Also, I've managed to find this - BabyDan Lambskin Pram liner at Kiddicare which, although out of stock at the moment, looks like a good deal and gets great reviews...!

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 12:06:30

No, Manchester,

i have one in the packet here but SIL says she wants it, that was about 2 weeks ago tho hmm

I might pop in today, you want me to grab you one if they have any?

lastboxoftampons Wed 01-Jul-09 13:38:06

Aw, Disenchanted, thanks so much for the offer. I'm going to pop into ours this weekend and have a look at what they got. But thanks again, that was really sweet of you!

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 01-Jul-09 13:41:59

JoJoMaman Bebe do them I got mine there but I can't remember how much sorry.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 01-Jul-09 13:47:19

I've got one from John Lewis - it was £40 I think.

cheekychopsmum Wed 01-Jul-09 22:18:10

Which TK Maxx in Manchester?

nicolamumof3 Wed 01-Jul-09 22:27:52

Dis if you see one for £12 i'll have a spare!! thanks x

heymammy Wed 01-Jul-09 22:39:08

Lastbox...I've got the BabyDan one but it also has a fully detachable, waterproof cosytoes for winter and it's the loveliest thing I've ever seen grin.

I know you don't 'know' me so it seems rude to do the hard sell but I was planning on ebaying it this autumn but you can have first dibs if you can't get hold of one this weekend. I can e-mail you some photos if you'd like to e-mail me s u s d o u g l a s at h o t m a i l dot c o m

Sorry if it's inappropriate to do this, I am nice and normal really smile

scattykatty Thu 02-Jul-09 09:33:15

I got one from John Lewis, well actually two blush not the buggy ones with the strap holes in but the normal cot ones and then I had one in the pram (carrycot mode) and one in the cot. Really really good.

Jojay Thu 02-Jul-09 09:36:33

I got a new Bowron one from Ebay for £30 with postage - the seller had lots at the time IIRC, so there may be some still on there.

I love it - it's shaped to fit around a 5 point harness, rather than have straps threaded though it, so it's really easy to swap between buggy and carseat. I bought it 'cos ds2 rubbed the back of his head so much as a baby he made it bleed, but it's fine now.

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