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Pushchair shed July part 1 - is there such a thing as a perfect pram?

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5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 10:08:31

Bexie reminded me it was the first of July!

I am still on the search for a pram that does all I want it to!

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:11:32

Ithink my perfet pram would be a lighter, more compact, rear facing mountain buggy!

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:17:12

Oh BTW I've got a buyer for the bee shock

I dunno whether I am selling yet, have to see how i feel tomorrow when infinity arrives, but at least if i do like it i will have cash in bank friday for bee

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 10:19:03

My perfect pram:

Rear facing
Folds in one piece
Bumper bar
High seat
Changeable materials
Big basket
Air tyres at the back
4 wheels
A handle that doesn't make the bag slide down
Cup holder
Big hood for total sun cover
Old style 5 point harness (like the old macs)

Probably a few more things I could add as well.

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 10:19:37

Seriously don't know why you're selling Bee!

carrielou2007 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:19:54

I think you'll regret selling the bee knowing how much you love it Dis smile but I'm like that with silver cross verses bug cam. 51 pounds or 749 makes a huge difference doesn't it!!

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:25:59

exactly carrie, 30 quid infinity (if i like) or get 260 quid for bee.

moneys tempting.

BexieID Wed 01-Jul-09 10:36:13

I need to get to a M&P and check a Skate out properly. I wouldn't mind trying an Infinity, lol.

claret1980 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:38:03

You will def want another bee if you sell Dis. I would keep it. I'm def not selling my P&T becasue I know that I will miss it seriously. I use it on a regular basis anyway.

My Pulse is finally out for delivery yayyyy!

nicm Wed 01-Jul-09 10:40:18

sounds like my teutonia spirit s3 apart from the 4 wheels-but you can get it in a 4 wheel version! have been using it nearly 15 months now and still love it-have also found a travel bag that it will fit in if we are going on holidays this year! bought a stroller for hols last year and hated it!

larsazlol Wed 01-Jul-09 10:42:44

dis, have found harness is nothing special but came with infinity carrycot I had, give me your email add and arrnage to post to you.

sal1309 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:45:05

ahh just noticed youve all moved lol

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 10:47:00

Off to google teutonia smile

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 10:49:14

Oh oh oh!

Do I want to buy this?

Disenchanted3 Wed 01-Jul-09 10:55:22



maxybrown Wed 01-Jul-09 10:59:37

carrie just let me know if you want the stand for silver cross, it's just sat here!

pebbles79 Wed 01-Jul-09 11:04:22

5in doesn't look like the wheels swivel on that so it would put me off.

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 11:07:05

Good point pebbles. Thats a definite no from me then. I need it to swivel. Back to the drawing board wink.

Kiddicare have some nice ones in, but they are £350 new plus a 10-12 week wait. shock Guessing they import them from America.

MamaG Wed 01-Jul-09 11:11:01

Claret no I didn't bid on teh zap - it was just that bit too far for me to drive to collect so I didn't bother. Did you get it? Think its ended now has it?

Thanks for tip about completed listings on ebay 5in. Would you sell on ebay, rather than try to sell on MN?

pebbles79 Wed 01-Jul-09 11:13:39

What about a Mutsy 5in

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 01-Jul-09 11:15:21

Lovely looking pram otherwise and a bargain 5in

BexieID Wed 01-Jul-09 11:30:35

Has anyone ordered from Country Babies? I want to buy a Maxi-Cosi summer cover!

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 11:37:43

Am watching a Mutsy on Ebay Pebbles. Will have it if the Gecko sells.

FlyMeToDunoon Wed 01-Jul-09 11:39:54

Opinions please. I am thinking of getting a cover made by Snunkie for the Infinity handle as it has splits in it. Now which kind of fabric would you prefer?
I sort of think fleece might be nicer to handle all the time but prefer a flowered fabric [floco18] in cotton. Lucy says it would be zip on.
The orange flowered one has lime in it and would tone in with the lime infinity. It would also match if I win the red and orangy pink Maui.
Ooh if I don't win the Maui I could get a liner to match too!
The fleece flowered fabric has blue in it so not sure that will look good.
both on here fleece one is flof001

nicolamumof3 Wed 01-Jul-09 11:46:04

mornining on new thread.

5in we were talking about seat height on last night, i'd say you would find the first wheels low, do you have steps up/down to your flat? if thats not an issue i'd def consider a skate lovely? it has all you need and lovely colours too!

am liking the first wheels, it has play in the chassis but doesn't bother me feels quite bouncy in fact. very manoevreable (sp), but most of all i love having luka rear facing its lovely to see and chat with him. he climbs in pram he loves it!

lady at music bugs class has 09 first wheels looked at that longingly luckily it wasn't the green one or i'd have been running out the door with it!!

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