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Most useless piece of baby kit ever?

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Schulte Wed 01-Jul-09 08:23:24

I personally thought those toddler helmets they sold on the Apprentice were the most ridiculous and pointless product I have ever seen. But I also can't believe anyone would seriously consider buying one of those mesh things for weaning that you put a piece of fruit in so baby can chew on it without risk of choking. I mean wtf? So what do you think is the most unnecessary piece of baby kit ever?

4andnotout Wed 01-Jul-09 08:27:36

baby wipe warmers or nappy wrapping bins.

scattykatty Wed 01-Jul-09 08:35:49

Hahhaah I actually have the mesh thing....and a Tommee Tippee nappy wrapper! I agree about the wipes warmer though grin

What about a top/tail bowl, they are pretty rubbish.

melmog Wed 01-Jul-09 08:41:40

Baby bath.
Baby seat for the bath.
Baby towels. (too small)
Nappy wrapping machine. (don't get it)
Top and tail bowl.
Baby juice.

Oh God, so many others!

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 01-Jul-09 08:42:05

LOL Schulte! this is so apt! just to top the whole hooter hiser fiasco....guess what my mom gave me when was here.....

5inthebed Wed 01-Jul-09 08:42:50

I have a mesh thing, and think its fab blush

Top and tail bowl, I never used mine

Baby baths, they are in them for a matter of weeks

scattykatty Wed 01-Jul-09 08:49:09

God I'm feeling silly now...

Baby bath I liked but it was part of a big changing unit thing.

Baby seat for the bath this I have really loved, DS still uses it now at 17months.

Set of Peter Rabbit baby towels he still uses now

Avent steam serilizer, Avent microwave and Tommee Tippee single bottle one.

Hhahaha in my defence I was a first time Mummy in Germany with no one to tell me that I didn't need all this stuff grin

wastingmyeducation Wed 01-Jul-09 08:49:29

DS was still in baby bath at 7/8 months, til he started to rock it! I wouldn't have been able to bath him in the big bath when he was little. Would have bought a washing up bowl to use but got the bath cheap.

Most baby stuff is useless.

Schulte Wed 01-Jul-09 08:52:48

No waaay Purple! grin

I like my top and tail bowl!

Wet wipe warmers? Seriously? You can buy those?

Oh, in Germany everyone has infrared lamps above the changing table so baby doesn't get a cold bum during nappy changes. Madness!

scattykatty Wed 01-Jul-09 08:57:51

Believe me I wanted a lamp so badly, DH was having none of it!

purplemonkeydishwasher Wed 01-Jul-09 09:06:19

i know schulte! how funny is that! she's obsessed with babies choking.
i probably won't mention BLW to her.... lol

mustrunmore Wed 01-Jul-09 09:12:34

Most things!

Baby bath
Top and tailer
Nappy bin
Those big changing units with drawers
Specially designed changing bags
Bottle warmers
Pointlessly impractical clothes

KingRolo Wed 01-Jul-09 09:14:08

This. DD was too small for it for ages then seemingly overnight she was too big for it and could get out so we actually used it twice. That works out at £8 a bath. The baby bath proper cost a fiver and we're still using it at 8 months old.

Top and tail bowls are probably the best example of late pregnancy purchase lunacy. Pointless.

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 01-Jul-09 09:25:11

Baby bean bags.....erm, it's a normal bean bag with a harness on it, and double the price. hmm

wastingmyeducation Wed 01-Jul-09 09:31:09

We got this but still held him under the shoulders, to stop him slipping in the bath. We were very nervous! A second time Mum on the ward recommended it and she was right. smile

I don't get the top and tail bowl. We just used a bowl and di his face first. hmm

Any clothes other than babygros for the 0-3 months. Annoying and uncomfortable for them.

Schulte Wed 01-Jul-09 09:33:24

KingRolo LOL at 8 quid per bath!

Specially designed changing bags - I don't get that either. What's wrong with a normal bag? And they come in such hideous designs too.

yappybluedog Wed 01-Jul-09 09:34:04

what is a mesh thing? didn't have those back in the day

Schulte Wed 01-Jul-09 09:35:57

Yappy - this

Thinking about it, anyone found a bumbo sitter useful? As soon as DD1 was old enough to sit in it, she was also old enough to get out of it by throwing herself sideways!

namechangerforareason Wed 01-Jul-09 09:41:19


Ds has a Bumbo, used it once and he threw himself out, plus couldnt get him in seat with tray on as it was too tight around his wee tummy and he was so squashed so all in all a waste of money IMO

HensMum Wed 01-Jul-09 09:42:17

I like my top and tail bowl. Only cost £2 and we've used it every day since DS was born 20 months ago (we use reusable wipes). Yes, I know a normal bowl would have worked just as well but still, at a price per usage basis, it's been worth it.

Just back from holiday where we had use of a nappy wrapper bin and I hated it! It didn't work properly and was a pain to empty because of the special bag thing. Much better to use a normal bin with lid lined with carrier bags and empty often.

Most useless thing we bought was a musical swing for £50. DS much prefered the £12 bouncy chair.

KingRolo Wed 01-Jul-09 09:43:17

I bet that fresh food feeder is absolutely rank after a few goes, imagine claeaning all the bits of chewed up meat out of that.

I quite like my bumbo but on reflection I probably wouldn't have bothered, they are very expensive for what they are.

Oh, and the tray attachement is useless, just keeps falling off.

Tryharder Wed 01-Jul-09 09:44:52

The bumbo chair was my best baby purchase ever (£12 from a second hand baby shop - first rule of baby purchases, never buy anything new). DS2 has quite fat legs though so once he was in, there was no way he was escaping! I was so impressed with it I am actually keeping it in case of another DC (most baby stuff I give away, ebay or freecycle)

yappybluedog Wed 01-Jul-09 09:45:10

amazing, i have seen everything now

it looks vaguely rude

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 01-Jul-09 09:49:54

our Bumbo was used once, or possibly twice - and judging by the number of them on ebay, I think lots of people are trying to offload them!

HensMum Wed 01-Jul-09 09:50:40

I loved the Bumbo too. Was brilliant for sitting DS in in the garden when I hung out the washing.

I don't get those sleep positioning things you can get for tiny babies, to keep them on their backs. Most tiny babies don't roll, do they? And once they can roll, I thought it was fine for them to sleep how they like.

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