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Where do I stand with this?

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Flossam Mon 16-May-05 12:08:14

I brought an item from toys r us that worked for one night only. Carefully kept the reciept only for my Virgo anal tidy freak DP to throw it ou . If I take it back am I still entitled to an exchange? Apparently they are notirously bad for these things, would like to go armed with my rights if I have any. TIA

Tinker Mon 16-May-05 12:09:56

Hmm, not sure. Bought something from toys r us online which didn't work - they haven't even replied to our complaining email! [shook]

starlover Mon 16-May-05 12:11:36

yes you are. By law a shop doesn't have to give you a receipt, so therefore they cannot insist on you having one when you return an item.
However, you probably wouldn't get a refund, but you would definitely be entitled to a replacement or exchange!

look up sale of goods act online (have bene having similar probs recently!)

advocateofthedevil Mon 16-May-05 12:14:10

how did you pay? you might be able to use a bank statement (switch) or a credit card one as a proof of purchase.

Flossam Mon 16-May-05 12:21:03

Thank AofD I'll take that in when itarrives in a few weeks if I have probs. Starlover, thanks I'll look that up quickly.

Springchicken Mon 16-May-05 12:27:20

Yep, defo take a bank statement if you can.
I brought DP a new pair of footballs boots for Xmas that cost me £150, we took them back the day after boxing day and they wouldn't give me my money back because i'd lost the reciept.
They still have all the shops labels on and everything but still wouldn't give me a refund so i stormed over to my bank, got a statement to prove i'd paid for them and hey presto, i got a refund!

I had just sold my house about 2 weeks before so it was lovely to wipe the smug look off the managers face when he saw i had about £40K in my bank - Tosser!

Flossam Tue 17-May-05 12:46:41

They cross questioned me but gave me an exchange! Hurrah!

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