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Anyone bought a cot from John Lewis, Babys R Us and Mothercare

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SabsBigPants Tue 30-Jun-09 23:00:54

Hi, we're pregnant with our first baby (am currently 27 weeks) and we spent last weekend looking at cots amongst other things and wanted to know if anyone had bought either the Luca cot, Anna cot or Malmo Lotta cot from John Lewis and what their experience were with the cots.

Also if anyone had experiences with the cots sold in Babys R us and mothercare.

Thank you!

SparkleandShine Tue 30-Jun-09 23:08:20

we saw a cot in John lewis then bought it in Kiddicare for half the price.

no advice I'm afraid - bought a drop side cot on advice from parents and have never used the drop side. Plus if you plan to have less than 2 and a half years between kids then you'll probably need 2 cots (so don't spend too much!) OR if you get a cot bed you'll also need more than one for more than one kid as they are in them so much longer (this didn't occur to me when shopping for a cot - I just assumed I was buying for both the planned children - ditto baby monitor, am now on the third one and DS2 is only 4 months!)

SparkleandShine Tue 30-Jun-09 23:10:22

just add have bought tons of baby gear from kiddicare, prams, cots, car seats, nappy bins, rocking chair, etc etc - it's all been perfect and delivered next day and usually by far the cheapest.

SabsBigPants Tue 30-Jun-09 23:18:36

thanks for the sparkleandshine am checking out the website right now!

Have a 1 bed flat so wouldnt be able to fit a cotbed, but hope to move out next year

serant Tue 30-Jun-09 23:18:45

Bought one from john lewis, good value, less than £100 inc matress.
I def needed the cot side to go up & down as my back would have given out due to ds' weight..

PinkyMinxy Tue 30-Jun-09 23:19:18

We have the Anna crib from JL (gift from PIL) and it has been really good- used by my three and our neighbours baby and still going strong.

We have 2 cots- one was bought from someone via the intranet at DH's work- a mothercare on, whixh has been fine but is quite small, and a large drop side mamas and papas cot which is really lovely- that came free from a neighbour-

My advice is see if you have any relatives/friends who have a cot in their garage they would be happy to give/lend to you, but make sure you can still get a mattress for it if you do.

HTH smile

Agree that Kiddicare is very good, also Lesters Nursery World in Manchester, they also deliver anywhere in uk. They stock mamas and papas.

Carameli Wed 01-Jul-09 07:57:15

I got a lille(think that was the name
cot from babies r us but that was 5.5yrs ago now. It is a bedside cot and I love it.

Now using it with ds2, third child and its great.

This time I got a mattress from

who were great.

Carameli Wed 01-Jul-09 07:59:04

agree with others kiddicare fab, have bought loads from them over past years and never disappointed. Always worth checking their prices.

DontCallMeBaby Wed 01-Jul-09 08:03:42

Worth checking them out in person if you can - we also never used the drop side, as it turned out that to get it back up again you had to pull so vigorously that the whole thing shook and DD woke up. Erm, not that I was putting her down asleep or anything ... oops ... doesn't seem to have done any long term damanage.

It was a Mothercare one, but it was a few years back.

SarahL2 Wed 01-Jul-09 08:08:12

We got a cotbed from Babies R Us and it's fab. Really sturdy and has a drop side and a really useful drawer underneath.

It's coped with a very active DS for 2 years and is now a lovely little bed for him. Have no problems whatsoever with using it again for the new baby we are expecting in December.

Tip - Avoid 2 Left Feet like the plague!!!

Carameli Wed 01-Jul-09 19:40:02

babymattressesonline have just sent me a 10% discount code SUmmer2009 for anyone to use.
I know 10% is not much but better than nothing and their service is great.

ministryofsleep Wed 01-Jul-09 20:06:02

We have the Anna cot from John Lewis. Customer service was briliant, delivered when they said they would etc. Cot is great and we are now using it for DS2 so 3.5 years continuous use. We also bought the mattress from JL and have had no probs, it has a removable cover which can be washed at 40 degrees which was very useful when dealing with leaky newborn grin

MaybeAfterBreakfast Thu 02-Jul-09 09:22:28

We have the Anna cot from John Lewis.

Not that impressed tbh. The first one was supplied faulty - missing parts. Their customer service was great, but it took ages to send the replacement parts (had problems getting them from the manufacturer). The drop bit has never worked properly (but couldn't be bothered to do anything about it).

And now the wood is splitting on one of the legs, and the whole thing is held together with duct tape. Ds2 (16mo) will be out of it soon, and I'm not having any more dcs, so I'm not too worried. I suspect that ds1's love of climbing into the cot and treating it like a trampoline hasn't helped with its durability.grin

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