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Any-one use a Jane twin two (4 wheeler) off-road?

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Hellcat Tue 30-Jun-09 12:23:31

I am a happy slalom-pro owner expecting another baby soon.

I am thinking about a twin-two so I can use my autocarry cot and things, but need to take it down a bumpy country track everyday when walking the dog. - Not keen on having the buggy-seat reclined for a new-born - this didn't work until #1 was at least 6 months, not secure enough as baby far too small for straps.

My toddler will not climb the big hill up to our house, needs strapping in when we are at the shops and I think will be too tall and heavy (not to mentionable able to escape) for a buggy board.

Will the twin-two manage the bumpy track? Any experience or tips guys?



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